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Sunday, March 2, 2008


Not sure about the rest of you but my bullshit meter is off the charts regarding Foote's story about "wanting to stay and finish the job" here in Columbus.

Dispatch has done a great job reporting on the details of what happened at the deadline. In case your not up to speed read the following articles as I won't rehash the details again:

Now initially there seemed to be some shock regarding Howson's handeling of this. A lot of people looked at this as the Jackets "waiving the white flag" including the guys at the Dispatch. Obviously after the details have come out I think just about everyone, outside of the few who just like to stir the pot, place the blame on Foote leaving firmly on the shoulders of the "captain".
..and rightfully so.

I'll tell ya, I was excited when we landed Foote and I'm sure the organization under the previous regime didn't deliver on a lot of promises made but to leave the way he did, to give up on his teammates the way he did, to use the rediculous excuses the way he did, "downsizing" - yeah right -- what a load.

I've seen some people question the sources of this story but I'm here to tell you the facts stated in this article are true. The Dispatch would not put themselves out there unless their sources checked out - to many legal issues could result if they weren't rock solid.
Think about it? Have you ever seen the Dispatch print anything like this ever in regards to the Jackets? They came out swinging last year to can MacLean and that's all I can really think of.

Anyhow. The Jackets are playing real well the past couple of games. Perhaps now that the details have leaked the boys in that dressing room can use it as motivation and bring the team even closer together. Perhaps this is addition by subtraction?

As for Foote, your secret is out buddy. Your a sham, a fake and its pretty obvious what matters most -- and that's Adam Foote.

You can bet your ass Foote takes less than the 3.5 mil a year the Jackets offered - just watch.

Quite frankly if I'm Howson I'm contacting the NHL and having them look into some tampering here. Any way you slice this turd it comes up smelly.

How sweet would it be for the Jackets to bump Colorado out of the playoffs? Wouldn't that be some poetic justice.

This is the last I'll type on the subject in this space. This guy doesn't deserve any more attention from the Jacket faithfull.



Shaggy said...

How sweet would it be for the Jackets to bump Colorado out of the playoffs? Wouldn't that be some poetic justice.

It would be sweet to get back at Footer... but then that screws us out of our first round pick in '08. G'ah!

Anonymous said...

I say, let's both make it to the playoffs and beat them for Western Conference champs... oh, and Boll can go kick Foote's a$$.

Hey, what are the odds of all those things coming together... but a guy can dream, right?

BK said...

The Draft is supposed to be better in 2009, so it would nice to bump Colorado out of the playoffs. Foote will give the Aves a home-town discount on a contract, but if they don't make the playoffs, they ain't gonna have much money to show him the love.

If they do make the playoffs, Foote will fill his pants when he faces Detroit.