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Friday, March 14, 2008

Jackets make game of it but can't overcome deep hole

The Jackets dug themselves a deep hole in the first period falling down to the Blackhawks 3-0. Twice they battled back to make it a one goal game but ultimately the hole was just to keep for the Jackets' anemic offense to overcome.

Final 6-3.

Lit it up

Anytime you give up 6 there isn't a whole lot going right for the team that's down and that was certainly the case last night.

Dim the light

Jackets outhit, outshoot and dominate the faceoff circle but it didn't matter not when your quality scoring chances and special teams are so bad.

Andrew Murray and Freddy Modin were the only standout forwards for the Jackets...they both competed hard between the whistles... Modin had a goal and Murray collected an assist.

Decent attendance with 15,699 - to bad they saw that kind of performance.

Busted bulbs

Down 3 goals in the first. Just can't happen if this team wants to win not with this offense. To many breakdowns defensively, to many battles lost, not enough jump, competition level just wasn't there.

It certainly wasn't Leclaire's night. Not gonna say any of the three he let in were softies but he certainly didn't make the "big save" either.

Team was a collective -10 with Dick Tarnstrom and Ron Hainsey leading the way with -3 each. Tarnstrom had a particularly rough night.

Nik Zherdev seems to have hit a bit of a wall lately. I really did not notice him tonight - well outside of his horrible turnover that led to the 1st goal of the game which sparked the downward spiral.

Horrible special teams. The powerplay was its same old terrible self. The PK gave up two powerplay goals on just three opportunities...ugggh..

David Vyborny..yeah he had a nice drop pass for Modin but my god is this guy killing us out there... he gets pushed off of every single puck....he's lost a step...he doesn't win any battles...he's just a body..

Manny Malhotra... has to be the softest big guy I've ever seen...and can this guy catch a pass or carry the puck even an stride before losing it? I don't care about the faceoffs...he adds nothing *but* the ability to take faceoffs which is not enough to justify keeping this guy.

3 bright lights on the night

1. Decent crowd
2. Nash with his 36th in his debut with the C
3. Modin and Muarry - best forwards for the Jackets

Another game another loss at home. Remember the days when this team actually used to be good at home? They are quickly becoming a distant memory.

I was worried that the Jackets could have a rough night especially with the time off and the 'hawks being losers of 4 straight and being the hungrier team. Unfortunately those worries proved to be true.

I sure do hope at the very least some of the young Jackets are learning the level that needs to take place when competing for a playoff spot...

So much for this great "home schedule" this point I just hope this team can crack 80 points for the first time ever.

Howson has a lot of work to do this summer.


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