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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Live bloggin

That loss just sucks.....the Jackets absolutely outplayed this team yet lose... this offense is so inept.....if Nash or Z don't score we lose.....this game is not on Leclaire....its on the offense and that horrendous powerplay...


Goalie out.. 25 seconds left... nothing going... Jackets lose 1-0...

Looks like with a minute left the Jackets back on the PP.. Phaneuf with his 4th penalty... Hitch with the TO... Jackets most certainly will pull the goalie.. oh my god.. Jackest are 0-27 on the PP... *bangs head on keyboard*

Oh Hainsey with a chance... still can 't put it through

Just over 2 to go..

Not getting much going now... those PPs and all those chances are really haunting the Jackets at this point..

Just over 3 to go... could this be the third shutout of the year for the Jackets....again..did I say shutout...

Tarnstrom trying to make some things happen.. Jackets in front of the cage there but can't get on bounce or rebound... that kind of night..

Murray is playing one helluva game... working his tail off..

8 mins to go..

Calgary with a flury of chances off the rush as the Jackets press to try to even this one up... Leclaire a little lucky but keeps the puck out and this game alive..

10 minutes to go... c'mon boys!

Murray creating again... still can't solve Kipper.. Vybes almost tucks in it..yet another post... that kind of night.

Flames now starting to win the races to the lose pucks and winning the hitting game..

I know people will blame Rome/Leclaire for that but damn....this team has got to give the D and goalie some friggan goal support... this team leaves no margin for error when you can't score more than a goal or two a game...

Goal definitely sucked the wind out of the team... they need to regain it.. still plenty of time to do somethin here..

Man... close to oxygen time with... F***!!!! Conroy scores off Rome turnover...

Boll is trying everything to go with Phaneuf.. LOVE IT... that was Hitch's plan... Boll on Nasher's line to open up space for 61 and get in Phaneuf's face all night.. brilliant coaching move really...

That was Iginla who slashed Boll...

More chances for the Jackets.. Kipper shuts the door on MacKenzie.. he showed some nice speed there though.. both he and Rome have added to this team since their callups..

Boll back out there.. man I love that kid!!! What a gamer.. we go... next goal wins... er should say first goal...


Gare with the telestrator again.. *gulp*

Chicago won... Blues up by one with 6 minutes to go... Nashville also up by 4 on Edmonton... Jackets need to win to stay within striking distance... 20 minutes to get it done..

Shots: CBJ 24 Flames 12 -- the story of the game thus far...the horrible refs...and the Jackets horrible..and I mean horrible powerplay..


Flames with some good pressure to end the period... Jackets doing a really great job stickin on their men and playing their game defensively... no giving the Flames any room to maneuver..

Here we go... same craptastic PP... so much for that...really as Rimer said..they've had much better chances short handed...

Brule draws a penalty... they should almost decline the damn thing...

Chimera off the goal post... this is getting rediculous.. you know some fluke goal is gonna decide this game..

Nash with breakaway but couldn't convert!!!! what is it gonna take boys.... uugghh..

Murray with a great short handed chance.. Leclaire with a highway robberty on Phaneuf from the point... great save Pazzy!!

So much for that 2 man advantage... that kill could be the game for the Flames... give them the momentum they need... Flames are hitting everything that moves... now Jackets on the PK... oh can almost feel it comin..

Here's the chance.. Phaneuf to the box again.. boo hoo... broke his stick in half... Jacket have GOT to make the Flames pay here.. 1:19 of 5 on 3 play here.. good face off win.. and Z loses it... not lookin good.. only 12 seconds left and nothing quality... this PP desperately needs a face lift in this offseason...

Jackets doin a decent job on PK... I feel the momentum starting to change in this tilt however.....just as I type that the refs....get ready for this....actually call a penalty on the Flames...

This game is shaping up to be a game of one mistake.. a bad goal.. a bad turnover... who makes it.. good lord.. they call Tarnstrom again for a penalty..

No penaltly again on Nash.. game starting to open up a bit..

Jackets playing well again this period... just need that goal.. deflection...rebound..screen..somethin.. not gonna beat Kipper tonight with a open shot... man scrum there and no Boll.. I so wanted Boll to take care of Phaneuf..

Leclaire HUGE there... making the saves he should and then some..

Another non-call on the Flames.. quickly developing into the story of this game..

Novotny with a strong shift there.. that guy is due for one...

Lets see if the Jackets can keep this up... Boll doubtfull to return....


Every team winning that we don't want... Nashville up 4-0... Chicago up 3-1... Colorado up least that's on Vancouver..St. Louis tied..

Jacket dominate that period but can't solve Kiprusoft... shots: CBJ 18 CAL 6.... man we've got to score..

Well that might be one of the worst called periods of the year. Iginla could have broken Boll's leg with that slash....yet two refs and two linemen don't see it?


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They call Tarnstrom for that? Jesus just strap some Flames jerseys on these guys... friggan Tanguay held his stick... this could be a long game.. maybe I'll just turn the CAPS LOCK ON..

What a load of crap.. HOW IS THAT NOT CALLED? Maybe if I type in all caps the refs will start callign this game fairly...

Boll just got cheap shotted... how in the hell do the refs not see that.. I saw it from the TV.. it was after he leveled Iginla.. what the hell - can this guy do anything he wants out there? Where is the friggan call? Edit: Looks like it was Langkow who slashed....regardless no way the 4 refs on the ice can miss that...

Nash with a great chance there... this game is reminding me of Edmonton.. Jackets dominating early..getting chances.. but can't convert.. Hainsey with a golden chance... damn..

No traffic in front of the cage... got to get to front of the net Manny/Chimera... enough of this pretty play shit.. get em ugly..

Speaking of Boll.. you gotta believe Boll is out there with Nash to open up some room for big 61... Phaneuf has had his way with him a lot this season.. Nasher just draws a penalty.. and guess who goes to the box... ole Phaneuf..

Oh man.. Boll givin it to Phaneuf some more.... please drop em boys.. I want to see Boll pummel him..

If there is one area Leclaire can improve his game its his stick handeling.. he's horrible at it.. I cringe every time he plays the puck... crap.. Danny down.. puck off the face it looks like..

Rome drops a shoulder there... man that dude is thick...

Nash with a chance... Jackets all over these guys... get Phaneuf Boll... would LOVE to see those two drop em..

Anyone else remember the days of getting on Gerard Gallant when he'd switch up the line? I got on him all the time for it... Hitch does it every game but I never even think about it anymore... I guess winning changes a lot eh?

Man.. Z in..couldn't finish.. making Kipper look like Roy early again this game...

Man...what does Brule have to do to score? This kid is playing so much better lately... definitely starting to find his way through this league..

Good god can you not see the free puck there.. this could be a long night with this group of stripes tonight...

Flames PP looks as bad as ours.... got to watch their bombs from the point as Phaneuf can absolutely bring it..

Manny nice work on the PK there breaking up that cross ice pass.. good read..

Klesla with a penalty... now lets see if Iginla gets anything for retaliating... of course not... BS homer call.. Hitch giving him the business for the non-call on Iginla... here we go - first big kill for the Jackets..

I just get the feeling that the Flames are gonna come down take one shot and it will go in...

Jackets doing a lot of little things right.. ..using their points well..d-men getting shots on net...d-men keepin pucks in.. of course 25 with his usual offside..

Jackets off to a pretty good start...draw a penatly early but so far not much on the PP...what else is new... great shift by Brule-MacKenzie-Fritsche to draw that penalty...


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Pub said...

These refs SUCK!!! This could be a HUGE team building game. No Boll, Shelly or Foote...the team is going to have to stick up for itself.