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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Groundhog day

Dig a hole early. Outplay them for 40 minutes. Outshoot them. Make an average goalie look like a Vezina winner. Result = 3-0 loss.

That's not to say the Jackets deserved to win. Norrena with two bad goals. The Preds got an early lead they sat on the majority of the game....and why not when you have an opponent with such on anemic offense and PP.

It all wraps up neatly into a perfectly packaged shutout loss.

Lit it up

The game wasn't without a couple of bright spots. I thought Alexandre Picard played well -- man if this kid could just get a goal. To me he looks bigger and faster out there and his hands looked better....of course he agitated well. Pair this kid with Boll when he comes back and let those two run around. Picard isn't ever going to be a scorer but he could carve a niche as a 3rd/4th line energy guy.

Hejda, Rome and Chimera. All aren't fighters but stood up for teammates against the Preds and that clown Tootoo. I tell ya, I've never wanted Boll in the lineup more than I did last night. Hitch needs to roll out a a line of brawlers for the final game against these douchebags....if they are gonna go out, at least go out with knuckles flying.... Konopka, Sestito, Doresette.... all guys who can bring it that could be called up who could give circus acts like Tootoo a real lesson.

Dim the light

Clay Wilson. I have no idea what was wrong with his skates (I swear he lost an edge at least 4 times) but I thought he had a decent debut. Reminded me of Russell quite frankly and you can see this kid "has it" offensively but definitely needs to work on his defensive game.

Lindstrom and MacKenzie. Again showed a lot of energy last night. I'm glad Hitch played these kids a little more last night but he should played them even more.

I also liked Andrew Murray again last night. At least you notice this guy for his hard work every shift even if he doesn't get rewarded offensively....will be a very good 4th liner for us.

Dan LaCosta. Congrats on your NHL debut....and you already looked better than Norrena. Big test tonight though if he gets the start against a very potent Chicago offense.

Busted bulbs

Freddy Norrena. HORRENDOUS! Start LaCosta tonight Hitch. Why the hell not at this point. Leclaire can't get back soon enough.....well unless we want a higher draft pick which to be honest....isn't such a bad idea at this point.

Peca, Vyborny, Novotny.....why even give these guys over 10 minutes a game? They have provided exactly squat for this team over the past 10 games or so. Just playing out the string.

Powerplay. Shitty per usual.

PK. Its starting to look as bad as the PP and that's a hard thing to do.

Tootoo. Stay classy hammerhead.

3 bright lights on the night

1. Alexandre Picard - for me he was the brightest part of the game as he really looks like he could carve out a niche for himself as a bottom 6 forward. Love his energy and agitation...just needs to get some confidence offensively.

2. Sticking up for teammates. Rome/Chimera/Hejda. Although they didn't win their fights they at least had the guts to stand up for teammates. We need a whole lot more of that in this lineup.

3. Stamkos. Jackets are still in the running for the #1 overall pick.

3 losses in a row. I'm expecting a 4th tonight against the Blackhawks. This team has mailed it in...especially a lot of the veterans.

In fact as a fan I've definitely mailed it in. At this point I'm not the least bit surprised or upset when they lose...its come to that. My attention has completely turned to the gutting of this fish that I fully expect to occur this offseason --- this team needs an excorcism in the worst way and if Howson doesn't deliver Nationwide may look like a morgue instead of arena next season.



Anonymous said...

If the CBJ were to bring those guys up to go after Tootoo he would not fight the whole game. He would not fight Jody when he was here and he will not fight Boll. He will only fight non fighters that he knows will not offer him any competition.

I say sign Ogy Ogilthorpe, Hanrahan and the Hansons. They won't care and will go on their bench after the pussy.

Anonymous said...

sign Sugden and let him do what needs to be done to Tootoo....