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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life Jackets

What a craptastic effort by everyone wearing union blue besides #61. That game made me literally sick to my stomach. Luckily I wasn't able to make that one live.

12 god damn shots....are you serious? 4 of them by Nash so that leaves 11 other forwards and 6 d-men to collect 8 shots...

...and how pathetic was our defense? Ron Haisney looked like a pee-wee player out there with god knows how many unforced errors. Could Rusty Klesla panic any more with the puck -- how many times you gonna rim it out Rusty? The whole D just sucks... nobody can make a transition pass.

I feel so sorry for Hitch for having to put up with this...and the fans who made the trip out to watch this sorry ass performance by the home team.

I know the playoffs are a pipe dream but the least this team can do is friggan compete for themselves, the coach, the fans and the city. Nash gets it....noone else does.

Time to blow this whole thing up....just blow it up Howson.

Lit it up

Rick Nash. Was the ONLY Jacket player who even made an effort tonight.

Dim the light

Alexandre Picard had a nice showing....I have no idea why Hitch didn't play this kid more though. At least he had some jump and I thought he looked bigger and smoother out there since the last time we saw him.

Busted bulbs

The powerplay sucked.

The defense sucked - especially Ron Hainsey.

The effort sucked.

The PK sucked.

Red Wings fans sucked.

Zherdev sucked...again.

The broadcast sucked.

Norrena...1 big save and that was about it...he sucked.

Every veteran outside of Nash sucked. Modin...he blew. Peca...coasted. Novotny..invisible. Klelsa...a bumbling fool. Chimera..a warm body (an offside one at that).

I even thought the coaching sucked. Why not play MacKenzie, Picard and Lindstrom more when its clear the veterans are nothing but passengers...?

It even sucked how the Jackets left the ice without an ounce of a message sent to the Wings. My couch has more backbone.

3 bright lights on the night

1. Rick Nash - only CBJ player who gave a shit
2. Alexandre Picard - only 5 minutes of play but I noticed him more than any forward not named Nash
3. At least the Crunch won - Brassard with 3 points

Its a sad state when a rookie like Jared Boll has to carry this team emotionally and physically. Its even worse when you notice how much this team's intensity drops when he's not in the lineup.

You know I'll probably wake up tomorrow and be back supporting these guys but now I'm pissed. This team had something to play for tonight...they could have beat the Wings in a sesason series for the first time effort in front of a home saturday night crowd and they play like that.

Just once.....ONCE....I'd like to watch a team play with some heart and actually give a shit for 82 games a year. As it stands now the way this team as its currently composed has not shot at that. The Jackets have been here 7 years (8 years including the lockout year) -- teams like Pittsburg, Chicago, Edmonton, Carolina, etc have been good then bad then good again in that span. The Jackets -- well they've sucked the entire time.

I can only hope that Howson can ice a legit playoff contender next season. I just don't know how much longer even the die hardest of fans can continue to stomach performances like tonight.

They'll just give up like the team does every March.



Anonymous said...

You sooooo hit the nail on the head with this synopsis of the game.


Rick said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately, I was there to see this sham of a game. With the vets playing (NOT) like this, maybe Hitch should bench them & give the majority of ice time to the rooks. Who knows? I'll bet you'd see more spirited play.