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Friday, March 28, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Those damn Preds are back

Those dirty Preds are back in town tonight for the final meeting of the season against the Jackets.

For the Preds, facing the Jackets is like an automatic 2 points on the schedule the past couple of years. They are 1-5-1 in 7 meetings thus far.

Of course the Jackets hope to change all that and in the process knock them out of any playoffs hopes.

How sweet would that be?

The story of the game is certainly going to revolve around Pred agitator Jordan Tutu (if only I was good at Photoshop I could have some real fun with that pic) after his antics on this past Tuesday.

Keys to lighting em up

Poopoo on Tootoo. If the Jackets get a chance to hit the guy, hit him but don't let him get under your skin -- he thrives on that. If its a game then Tootoo will become irrelevant. The best payback is to get the two points.

Nash is due. Nash has been held to 0 points in 6 games versus the Preds this year (I believe he missed one due to an inury) and is a -2. He's due to break out tonight.

MUST. SCORE. FIRST. Not only that but we must take advantage of very suspect Predator's goaltending. I don't care if they go off Jason Chimera's ass and in - they need to put some home...and put a couple home early.

Flat. Great game against Chicago. Need that same effort and more against Nashville. The Jackets can't afford to come out flat or its game over..... Nashville will be ready to play as they are fighting for their playoff lives.

Special teams. PP finally did something positive (thanks Clay Wilson) last game with some good control and chances. More of that will be needed.

Arnott/Radulov/Dumont -- Jacket killers. Pretty obvious what needs to happen here.

The Preds PP is 25th in the league. Our PK is 8th. Damn, lets shut it down. No excuses.

Peca, Novnty and Vyborny. They all actually looked like they cared against the 'hawks. Lets not dissappear out there tonight when the temperature turns up.

Hitting. I don't want to see any Jacket pass on an opportunity to hit a Pred -- that means you Malhotra and Vyborny.

Game spotlight

No need to sugarcoat it. All eyes will be on Tootoo....and if Jared Boll does make it back into the lineup that certainly could be a recipe for fireworks. I'll put money down that Tootoo won't drop em with 40 though - that just how the coward will play it.


Only two home games left and 3 left on the road. The Jackets sit in 13th place with 79 points. That's already 5 points better than where they have ever been.

With a win tonight they could move as high as 11th in the conference as both Chicago and Phoenix sit above them with 80 points.

Also with a win tonight the Jackets would crack the 80 point barrier for the first time in franchise history.

Still plenty to play for. Especially when you listen to Hitch's thoughts that finishing strong would make it a much easier sell to potential UFAs to come to Columbus as it would help sell that Columbus is in a "win now" mode.

Sure the lower the draft pick the bigger the trade asset but honestly this team just needs to win and whatever pick they end up with, well it will be what it will be and it will still be a valuable trading chip.



1 comment:

elisa said...

We have played Nashville how many times and the last game was the first time I even noticed 2-2.

We need Boll back tonight, and I will be there to watch him kick 2's punk ass.