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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jackets show a pulse

Not sure if it was because the Chicago Blackhawks decided to skip last night's game or if it was because the Jackets, who had lost 3 in a row, decided to show up but regardless the CBJ turned in a dominating 4-0 shutout performance last night.

Really there wasn't one aspect of the game that the Jackets did not control last night. They outshot, outhit, outchanced, outspecialteamed, outeverything...well for once they actually did not win the faceoff battle...

Hey I'll take it. The Jackets needed a win like that. They are still mathematically alive but that's just semantics... for all practical purposes they are out of it but for me last night was fun because the play of guys like Aaron Rome, Clay Wilson and Alexandre Picard... Fun to see callups like that making an actual impact out there.

Lit it up

Freddy Norrena. Probably the easiest shutout he'll ever get but he made some key saves when the game was still close and for sure, especially after his horrible performance against the Preds a night earlier, that had to be a confidence builder.

Clay Wilson. For one night anyways the kid was great. Notched his first goal and assist in the NHL. Really though, when an AHLer can step in like that and make all of our other defensemen look so offensively inept it should send a strong message to every fan out there just how poor our offense is from the blueline and why this team needs an upgrade so badly back there --- Brian Campbell anyone? Anyhow, great game...hopefully he can keep it up the remaining 5 games and make a case for hisself next season.

Secondary scoring. Lindstrom, Vyborny, Peca, Wilson. I must be seeing things. A little late now but its good to see some different names on the score sheet for once. Peca and Novotny in particular raised their competitive levels last night.....hopefully it wasn't just one night. Peca had 5 hits -- where has that been all year?

Nash. He was a beast again. 7 shots but just couldn't get any to fall. I LOVE the way he's playing...dude just needs some help.

Z. Also a better game last night. Good move by Hitch to put him with Nash to see if they could get anything going. His feed to Wilson was a beauty.

5 rows off the ice. I had some sweet seats last night for this one. About the only benefit of having a non-playoff team.

Dim the light

Is Brule ever going to score again? He had so many good looks last night (5 shots actually) and just couldn't get one to fall. Good game though.

Murray. His name didn't show up on the score sheet but his hit to free up the puck behind Chicago's net led directly to Vyborny's goal which really sealed this game. Those are the kinds of plays this team needs night in and night out. Murray is not afraid to pay a price -- need much more of that throughout the lineup.

PK. Killed off 4 penalties. It certainly needed a night like last night. Hopefully that get it back on track.

PP. Actually scored a goal. It got a much needed shot in the arm with Wilson back there. Any time we see less of Hainsey on the PP its a good thing.

Busted bulbs

Just over 14k in attendance. Place was pretty empty. Hate to see it but after 7 years of no playoffs its not unexpected.

Chicago Blackhawks. I think someone forgot to tell them they had a game last night. Can't bust on them to bad as we've seen plenty of performances like that from the home team lately.

3 bright lights on the night

1. Clay Wilson. First NHL goal and point. Congrats!
2. Freddy No. Boucned back to record his 2nd shutout of the season and 11th total for the CBJ.
3. Team. Solid 60 minute team effort all around.

The Jackets move to 4-3 against the 'hawks and will face them one more time in Chicago this Sunday (which is close to a sell out from what I'm told).
They also move to 79 points and with 5 games remaining shouldn't have a problem cracking that 80 point barrier for the first time ever.

The Jackets get a shot at Nashville one more time this Friday. It should be a spirited one.

If you haven't made it out to a game this season your running out of chances. Only home games left are as mentioned this Friday and then the final game of the year is at home on April 6th against St. Louis.


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