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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Here's to hoping there is at least some fight tonight

Its just about any one's guess how the Jackets will respond tonight in Nashville after their pooper of a performance against the Red Wings on Saturday night.

The Preds have a lot more to play for than the Jackets. They are only 4 points out of the final playoff spot with 6 games remaining.

Of course for the Jackets, its a different situation entirely. They are 9 points out with 7 remaining and would need nothing short of a miracle to even make a run for it. In short, they are all but mathematically eliminated.

Seems pretty easy who you would expect to be the motivated team right?

Not so fast. Nashville is 4-6-1 in their past 10 have have been dismal at home of late only winning 1 in their past 5 home games.

The Jackets on the other hand have been better on the road than at home of late winning 5 of their past 9.

Unfortunately this is Darth Vader we are talking about here and unlike the movies, he seems to strike back over and over again against the CBJ.

Keys to lighting em up

Win or lose I just want to see this team play with some heart and with some pride. Not roll over before the puck even drops. Yes I know injuries are mounting up and yes I know there isn't a whole lot to play for at this point but hey, at the very least you can help knock the Preds out of the playoff picture.

A broken record here but how about some secondary scoring, a powerplay goal or two and scoring first? Those areas could (in best sarcastic voice) just slightly contribute to a win dontchya think?

If the vets are phoning it in again, play the kids Hitch...why the hell not at this point.

Norrena...he has to be better than whatever shaky goaltender the Preds put in their pipes. How much longer is Leclaire out again?

Arnott/Dumont/Erat/Radulov -- they make the offensive engine go and can make you pay in a hurry. Must. contain.

Finally they have to outwork a hard working Preds team. If there is one thing this Preds team does well its compete regardless of who is in or out of their lineup. If the Jackets don't bring their lunch pales tonight.....fageddaboutit.

Game spotlight

Defensemen Clay Wilson will make his CBJ debut tonight. I've read that Wilson is like a "Walser with a brain". Regardless I just hope he can make an impact on the PP. Sure would be nice to see Hainsey permanently supplanted from that job.


8 o'clock start tonight. I'm not getting my hopes up for much tonight but of course will tune in to see how it unfolds. The Jackets do seem to surprise when my optimism is at rock bottom so knows -- that's why they play the game right!



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