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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Next 3 of 4 against Wings

3 of 4 aginst the league's best team. The first team to clinch a playoff birth and the first to crack 100 points.

I just heard that collective groan throughout the remaining Jacket fans still hangin onto some thought that this team can still somehow, someway still push for the playoffs.

The Wings as well as the Jackets are coming off losses. The Wings lost to Nashville yesterday while the defensively disorganized Jackets lost sloppy one to the Hawks on Friday night.

Keys to lighting em up

What ever they did against the Blackhawks defensively, do the opposite.

Leclaire needs to find his game. Of course that starts with a better team defense in front of him but he also needs to start making those "big saves" again. No room for easy goals against this Wings team.

Energy. Outside of Boll, Murray, Modin and Nash there were a lot of no-shows offensively last game....and I don't mean just scoring goals.. I'm talkin about winning battles and races to pucks...talkin about playing physical and going to the difficult parts of the ice.

Zherdev -- he's had over 7 days since he last played...yeah - I don't count his no-show against the 'hawks as a game played. I'm seeing signs of last year's Z rearing his ugly head which is concerning.

For all things rubber and 6 ounces --- get the first goal!!!!

Wings have edget on Special Teams... they are 4 on the PP and 9th on the PK... they can beat you a lot of ways but the Jackets have to be smart and stay out of the box and their fading PK will need to be on its game today.

Three headed 60 point monster. The wings have 3 60+ point players... Datsyuk (83p), Zetterberg (78p) and Lidstrom (61p) -- meanwhile the Jackets don't have 1.... I think its safe to say who the Jackets need to focus on shutting down here or at least containing.. the question is can they?

Need at least 3 goals in this one...which means more scoring from unlikely sources... Brule -- c'mon kid your due!

Game spotlight

Believe it or not the Jackets actually lead the series agains the Wings 2-1-1 including a 5-1 win at Detroit in their last meeting. Can the Jackets keep up the momentum against the leagues best team?


I'm sure Nationwide will once again have its fair share of Wings fans in the house. Many of which are Jackets fans until the Wings come to town (turncoats!).

I don't have a good vibe about this one. I think the Jackets will come out hungry but I think the Wings will remember the last outing and their skill will take over....

However...the Jackets have had some surprises this year like the 4-0 shutout in Buffalo...the 3-0 shutout in Montreal and the 5-1 win in Detroit... they do seem to get up against better opponents..


...this game is at home and this team has been absolutely atrocious in front of their fading crowds.

Regardless I'll be there to see how this one unfolds.

Go Jackets!



Bethany said...

The Wings always scare me...I have faith though.

Matt said...

...and sometimes, Faith Manages.

Sure as hell wasn't pretty, but I'll take it.