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Monday, August 3, 2009


An absolute must read from a question and answer with Z from

- Are you not surprised that problems have come up after your very good season?

- Of course I’m surprised! To tell the truth, I thought that we would come to an agreement with the club easily, because last season was one of the best in my career. In New York things actually went very well for me — I scored 58 points. Though the year before in Columbus it turned out that I collected even more points — 61.

- And on what team in NHL you would like to continue your career?

- To begin with, it must be a team that has a need for me. That’s why I’ll answer your question this way: it would be nice to play on one of the teams in the division that the Rangers play in.

- To show the New Yorkers they were wrong?

- No, it is simply that when I played in Columbus, there were many long flights. It’s more interesting to play in the Atlantic Division, and you fly much less there. Accordingly, you get less tired.

- Are there any teams in the NHL that you dreamed of playing for as a child?

- Yes, I always liked Detroit.

What??? Shame on you.

So so glad he is no longer the Jackets headache. Once again though he is keeping things mildly interesting in the dullest month of the entire hockey calendar.

Also take note as to which Russian involved in that deal last summer was invited to Russia's Olympic Camp and which one wasn't. Although technically Z is actually Ukranian.

Howson sleep well tonight my man.



Max said...

I just have this crazy feeling that he's going to the KHL... unless there's still bad blood from the last time he came across the pond.

dieHardCBJ said...

I wish they would have asked him more hard pressing questions like..

Why do you take shifts off? Why do you keep yourself away from the net? Why haven't you learned much English yet? Is the KHL your destiny? (They won't pay you $4m)