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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UFA Zherdev

As LTL speculated, our buddy Zherdev has become a UFA as the NY Rangers have declined to match his salary arbitration.

''With the additions we've been able to make this summer, we feel we've been able to add scoring and offense from the wing position,'' Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather stated. ''Following the arbitration process and subsequent award given, we feel it is in our best interest to walk away and continue to explore all available options to improve our roster.''

It can be read here.

Where are all of those trade skeptics now??.... So where does Z end up now?


RG said...

I love the first comment in the article....RROMA wrote:

snappy said...

Once again Howson looks like a genius. He took a fair bit of heat for trading Zherdev early on last season. Now.....well, I'll take Tyutin anyday, especially now that Bachman isn't spending CBJ money. In Howson we Trust!

LTL said...

Somebody will roll the dice on him.. again that skill set is just too juicy for all 30 GMs to pass up.

My prediction is he lands on either the Island or *gasp* Nashville.

Howson is catching some nice "Zzzzz's" tonight.


the Jester said...

Come on KHL!

Teddy D said...

Here are my top three landing pads for Zherdev:

1. KHL - Listen, if they can pay Jiri Hudler $5M a year, what do you think they are gonna offer Z?
2. Leafs - got tons of D but no wingers. probably gonna have to offload some before they can sign Z.
3. Preds - worst case scenario for the Jackets. Zherdev in our division with a chip on his shoulder.