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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random thoughts - Carry The Slogan

* Looks like the Jackets are sticking with the slogan "Carry The Flag" for another year. Hey look at is this way -- times are tight and if it came down between spending half a mil to come up with a new marketing campaign or investing that money into a player to help the team what would you choose?

* Anybody out there get their season tickets yet? They should be coming any day now.

* How cool is it to see Nash on Crosby's wing on what should be the go-to line for Team Canada at this year's Olympics. I'll always root for the stars and stripes first and foremost but if they go down it will be pretty easy to slide on over to Canada's bandwagon.

* So far no news is good news on the injury front. Remember right around this time last season we were hearing about Jared Boll breaking his hand in some offseason shinny.

* A reminder to any game ops folks that may read this blog -- more replays and less gimmicks!!

* From a selfish point of view probably the best thing about Nash and Mase being at Olympic camp is that they are getting a jump start on training camp. There shouldn't be much rust in their games from the first moment they hit the Dispatch Ice Haus ice.

* I wonder if Hitch has filed away any powerplay tips from Babcock during this camp? Unfortunately that may require sticking a Nik Lidstrom in his carry on.

* I have absolutely no excuse for myself but today I finally filled a major gap in my sports DVD library when I picked up Slapshot for $4.99 at Best Buy. It's the clearest sign yet that hockey season is right around the corner.

Long live Reggie Dunlap!!

Just over 15 days until camp!



Wally said...

Got my tickets for the preseason Pens game (at PGH)! I've wanted to go to the Igloo forever and this is my last chance before they tear it down!

LTL said...

Sport your union blue with pride Wally!

I've been there once.. definitely a unique sporting experience :)


Paul said...

I can't agree with you more RE: "A reminder to any game ops folks that may read this blog -- more replays and less gimmicks!!"

Nothing burns me up more to miss a replay because we had to play some idiotic movie clip instead. Plus, the fact that I have paid good money to be at the game but those watching for free at home are getting 10X as many replays and angles as I'm getting. I'm so desperate I've hooked my TV at home to my computer so I can then stream FSN, live, to my iPhone in order to watch the replays in the arena!

To you "Game Op folks", don't feel the need to "entertain" the crowd with big screen antics. The game on the ice is our entertainment and watching replays is what we really want. If you need to make money with your advertisers then do like TV and sell the replays: the Pepsi replay, the Huntington reverse-angle replay, the Wendy's overhead goal-cam.

LTL said...

Well said Paul. Agree 100% about "selling" the replays.

Being another proud owner of an iPhone you've got to tell me how you stream those games from your computer to your iphone -- that is a must have!

Thanks for the comment!


Anonymous said...

Dave's a killer!

Paul said...

Gladly! Let me introduce you to one of the coolest things I've ever seen and Holy Grail of iPhone apps:

First, you need a TV capture card in your computer.

Next, create an account and install Orb (it's free) on your home PC. It will run as a "server" in the background and, essentially turns your PC into a SlingBox on steroids allowing you to access all your media, including live TV, from the internet.

Last, go get the Orb iPhone app. I think there's a free one and paid one ($10 last check). Orb is so awesome IMHO I ponied up for the paid one so I'm not sure what limitations the free one has.

Good luck!

LTL said...

I'm all over this Paul.

A very BIG thanks!


the Jester said...

they had Slap Shot at the Capa summer series at the Ohio Theater. It was pretty sweet :-)

Barga said...

as a tech columnist who covers iPhone apps, i recommend against using orb - very unsecure

that said, when can we start selling our tickets?