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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pic of the day

This is a picture of Coryn dropping the puck from the Guns and Hoses (love that name!) game a few year's back:

Such a great picture!

Coryn of course is the courageous little girl (and Jared Boll's biggest fan) who has battled an aggressive form of blood cancer – Acute Lymphoblastic T Cell Leukemia - the last few years.

You can read more about Coryn and her bond with the Blue Jackets here.

John Moore is bloggin about his experience at the US World Juniors camp in Lake Placid over the next few days. Be sure to check it out here.

Remember it's not the name on the back of the jersey!

A big thanks to Jeff for the heads up on that one!

Rick over at The Hockey Writers has a great read on camp approaching. Be sure to check that one out here.

THN has the Jackets making the playoffs. Not sure where yet but they aren't part of the group they having missing it:

Be sure to follow the progress here.

How about this little nugget from Puck-rakers yesterday regarding Antoine Vermette:

The Dispatch has learned that contract talks between the Blue Jackets and Vermette's agent are expected to take place later this month or early in September, with the hope of an extension agreement during training camp.

Good to hear. Hopefully something gets worked out before the season kicks off.


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snappy said...

This is all very exciting and very encouraging. That THN has the CBJ in the playoffs at this point is a great sing. The very positive comments about the Jackets by Rick of The Hockey Writers (and the very lucid and positive comments added by "Michael" just add to the positive vibs. I really hope this optimism is justified. It is soooooo nice that the Jackets are finally getting some respect, some of which was justly earned by their playoff appearance last season. I can't wait to get this going again!!