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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jackets get organ-ized!

The Dispatch ran an article today that had some quotes from Howson on Filatov and a little info about Commodore throwing out the first pitch at a Red's game next week. Hands down the line that stood out to me the most was the following:

The Jackets have purchased an organ and it will be played during breaks in action this season. Jacket officials said the move is in response to feedback from fans.

Can I get a hell yeah?!!

First it's great to hear game ops responding to fan's feedback. Secondly a real organ (i.e. not a cheap casio ripoff) at Nationwide has been needed for quite some time and I think it will really add to the atmosphere at the arena.

This is great news and I hope just one step towards a revamped game ops experience at Nationwide this season. One that I hope includes more focus on the reason we are there -- the game.

That means more replays, less gimmicks and music that energizes everybody including those players on the bench.

Check out this video off of youtube regading the Blackhawk's classic organ:

Can't wait to hear this sucker live!!



kargirl said...

Wow, LTL. That's great!!! This should really help the experience.

Do you know what kind of organ they are getting in the arena? I have a hard time believing that it's a pipe organ since those usually begin price wise at 1 million and that's not even including installation or anything else. Plus, it takes a long time to build them a place to be in.

etcbeatty said...

Hell yeah! My first game I was put off by the cheesy sounding keyboard they were using. Unique, but at the cost of the classic hockey-arena organ sound. I hope that this gets us there.

LTL said...


Not sure about the organ details. Hopefully the boys at the Dispatch can tells us more over the next few days!


Max said...

Finally!!! So excited about the organ! Can't wait til the first game!!!

Stephen said...

Lets hope we can get creative with the organ. I love it.

aault said...

^^ That's what she said. ^^