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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Game time

It's getting close to that time when the new hockey games are released for the season.

Here are a couple of more links to both EA NHL 10 and NHL2K10.

EA NHL 10 video:

NHL2K story from IGN which explores in great depth this year's version of that title:

2K: You know, it's interesting, I think there's definitely that sort of aspect but at the same time we also felt like we were kind of going back to the roots to try to bring back some of the realistic, sim-style hockey. We wanted to make the game something that's definitely accessible to people -- something you can sit down and play with your buddies, but at the same time I think it also plays a really good game of hockey this year. We've done a ton of work just trying to make the game look better, play better, feel better. We've done a ton of animations to improve the skating engine, to improve the goalies, to improve stick-handling and to improve the controls in general.

So I think that all that together kind of makes a big difference and I think one of the biggest and probably one of my favorite things in regards to making it something you can play with your friends more easily is kind of the way we've broken down the online wall. In the past, you'd have to go dig for the Xbox Live or the online option to try to get online and play against your friends, and now basically every mode is online accessible right from the team select screen. So if I wanted to just jump in and play a quick game right from that team select screen I can just choose to find a random online opponent, or I can invite a friend, or I can just choose to play against the CPU. And I then that same thing applies to all the other modes in the game too, so like if I'm in Franchise playing through my season and I'm playing against the Sharks, and I know one of my buddies is a Sharks fan, I can just choose to invite him right from the team select screen and have him be my opponent in my Franchise. So you can really kind of mix things up that way and it really makes it a lot more accessible for you to play against people all around the country.

Thanks to BHG for the links!


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