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Friday, August 28, 2009

Nash, Umberger & Shelley to ride the Pelotonia

There is an absolutely terrific event happening in the Columbus community this weekend. It's called the Pelotonia.

Here is their Mission from the Pelotonia's web site:

Pelotonia is a grass roots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer. Pelotonia raises money for innovative and life saving cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center- James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Driven by the passion of its cyclists and volunteers, and their family and friends, Pelotonia's annual cycling experience will be a place of hope, energy and determination. Leveraging Netjets' transformational gift, Pelotonia directs 100% of every dollar raised to research. It is a community of people coming together to chase down cancer and defeat it.

For anyone who has had cancer strike their friends or family they know how devastating it can it. Events like this bring awareness and raise funds to battle this deadly disease.

Two Blue Jackets and one former one are riding for this cause and I would encourage anyone out there who believes in it and can afford to donate a few dollars to get behind them or any other rider that you may know:

To donate to Rick Nash's ride click here.

To donate to RJ Umberger's ride click here.

To donate to former Jacket (and current Shark) Jody Shelley's ride click here.

The event kicks off today and runs through this Sunday. You can find all of the details at the event's official web site located here.

My hat is off to all the participants and organizers of such a wonderful event.

My thanks to BHG for passing this information along.



Greg said...

I hear that Jody Shelley is riding too. It's great that he still is involved here. I hope he works for the CBJ after he retires

LTL said...

I'll check into that and get his info posted as well.

Thx for heads up Greg!


eplagge said...



Vancouver just obtained Ehrhoff... for a 15th and 17th ranked Canucks depth chart prospects.... WTF... they wouldn't take Chimera... but they will take 2 prospects who are very unlikely to make any NHL impact ??? I am so upset right now... plus the Nucks just signed Schneider... Howsen needs to get on the Bieksa ball quickly

Anonymous said...

My father's also riding, so I'm committed elsewhere. But still, this is awesome. :)

Max said...


I'm a student bus driver with OSU tasked with picking the 100 mile riders up yesterday. I didn't even realize that Umberger was riding. I saw some bicyclist that looked like him, then I saw his NHLPA bag. I got to shake his hand. It was so cool! I'll be driving again today so I might get to pick the Captain up!!!