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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Willams succumbs to the dark side

Jason Williams has officially returned to the dark side:

The Red Wings have added a second forward to their roster this week with the signing of veteran right wing Jason Williams.

Williams joins Patrick Eaves -- who also signed a one-year free agency deal with the Red Wings on Tuesday -- as veteran forwards brought in to potentially be counted on to file the roles of departed wingers Mikael Samuelsson (Vancouver) and Jiri Hudler (Moscow Dynamo).

Williams, 28, spent the first six seasons of his NHL career with the Red Wings, scoring 49 goals with 67 assists during that time. He was traded to Chicago for forward Kyle Calder at the 2006-07 trade deadline.

The Preds may be Vader but the Wings have the patent to the Emperor all to themselves. Heck he even looks kinda like Babcock -- just needs a stick of gum.

I hate to see this one unfold as the Jackets and Williams really were a good match last season. He seems like a good guy who genuinely enjoyed his time in union blue. Unfortunately the numbers didn't add up for him to stay.

Williams had to do what was best for his career which I get and apparently that is signing again with that evil red empire.

It pains me to say this but may the force not be with you.



Max said...

I miss him already. I thought he was a good fit with our club. Unfortunately we're all set for wingers. If he stayed, do you think the media would have continued their love affair for him? It seemed like every other game the radio or TV had him on to talk lol.

snappy said...

Kind of sad to see Willy leave the Blue Jackets....especially to return to the Wings. But, I am happy for Jason. Some RW fans I know really liked him when he wore the winged wheel before and were sad to see him leave. Well, they can be happy once again. Good luck, Willy. I enjoyed watching you play in the 'wide.

eplagge said...

Yep it's a sad day... but we simply have too many forwards on our roster right now.. I think it would be fair to say that if we were short on wingers Howsen would have snapped him up in a heartbeat..
From the info that's out there it appears the Red Wings were the only NHL team that extended him an offer, the KHL showed interest as well.. Good luck Jason...

JAL said...

I'd love to know what Williams did to cause Hitch/Howson to not even extend an offer. Has to be something we are not seeing . . .

Yep, we have lots of forwards, but few, if any, who have the shooting accuracy of Williams. Accuracy is a skill we are short on, and that will be missed from the lineup.

A Shot From The Point

Lane said...

i feel sorry for him - he's got to move all his sh#t back up to that dump of a town.

liked his heart as well!

the Jester said...

Funny how he played half a year and now everyone misses him. Perhaps it's better that he left before we got too attached... who knows, he might have a falling out next year again.

Best of luck to him!

theycallmeROY said...

Lane, not sure where I read it but he still has a house up there so im sure moving wont be a problem.

I never quite understood how we couldnt work him into our rotation. wasnt one of his big pluses being versatile enough to play winger OR center?

jemhuff said...

I've got a feeling his signing with the Wings is going to bite us in the butt when we play them 3 times at the end of the season.