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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Minnesota Wild new 3rd jersey

Somebody leaked a pic of the Wild's new 3rd jersey:

Not a big fan of the script logo but it's a clean look. My first thought though was it reminded me of the West All Star jersey's from the 03-04 season:

..and guess where that 03-04 All Star game was played? Why in Minnesota of course.... Aaahh those clever wild things!

Makes one wonder when the Jackets may see a new 3rd jersey? We know they decided against it this year to continue to build their brand around the current flag/star logo. Gonna be hard to turn down the revenue a new 3rd would generate much longer -- my guess is we'll see something next season.

Just please no Stinger.



Anonymous said...

That just screams Michigan State to me. Looks very collegiate.

the Jester said...

I agree with Aault. Though, some of those college jerseys are cooler than the ones you see in the NHL!

And, as for the Jackets; as long as it's not some blatant use of some bizarre color (say, yellow?) then it should be cool. You really can't go wrong with the stars and stripes thing we've got going on. Maybe a play off the cannon?

SoupDog said...

I know this is off subject, but Puck Daddy just posted a great interview with Filatov.

LTL said...

Will have to check that out Soup. Thanks for heads up!


Beau said...

Whats with using a cleaned up Jody Shelley to model the new uni?