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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ready..... Set......... Ходить!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Nikita Filatov training over in Moscow:

Apparently Filatov is training with Kovalchuk and none other than Nik Zherdev (yikes!). You can view more pics following this link.

Personally my favorite part of these pics is the Jackets hat Filatov is sporting. Wonder if he grabbed it after his hatty?

Thanks to Juneemoon over on HF for the heads up on the pics, info and link!

..oh and Ходить = "go" in Russian... I think....



JuneyMoon said...

I was going to just send this link to you as a scoop, but I couldn't find anywhere on your site for a "contact me".

Filatov seems to be such a divisive topic on HF Boards that the last few threads on him have been locked.

rocket said...

Ходить actually means "walk" but it can be used in that statement. Kudos for the bilingual feature.

LTL said...

..and personally I really don't understand why that is June.

I think the kid is going to be just fine. I was a little worried last year with the limited minutes Hitch was giving Brass and Voracek early on but after seeing the complete picture Hitch knew exactly what he's doing.

I suspect he'll take the same development path with Filatov.

Hey..there is a reason why I'm an anonymous blogger and he's a Stanley Cup winning coach :)

Thanks for the assist rocket!

Oh.. email is:


Max said...

Holy crap it looks like Zherdev got fat! Also, if I was Howson I'd be worried about Filatov training with Kovlachuk and Zherdev. Both have major talent, but both have major effort issues as well. Good to see Nikita rocking the NHL gear on the KHL site!!!!!