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Sunday, August 2, 2009

ATTN Gamers: EA Sports NHL10 Preview!

If you love the last couple of EA NHL games like me then you'll definitely want to check this preview out:

Look like some cool new features. How about Boller featured in the fightin segment?!

Bring on September 15th!



Michael said...

Easily best videogame! I hate the 2K series.. too bad Nasher didn't get the NHL cover last year. Everyone buy this game.. not 2K!

Barga said...

I don't like the first person fighting part but the rest looks good

hope they add the cannon firing to the CBJ team

LTL said...

Good point about the cannon Barga. That is one feature the NHL2K series had over EA last year.


Barga said...

I didn't check out the 2K last year, only NHL09

Part of me likes having two systems, part of me doesn't. But, it looks like EA is on the right track

Unknown said...

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