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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stat of the day

Kris Russell scored his first goal of his AHL career as the Crunch knocked off the Albany River Rats 5-3. Russell also added an assist.

Wilson, Sigalet, MacDonald and Mayorov also collected goals.

...oh and that 1st round pick from last year... yeah, he added 3 assists. He's got 5g, 6a for a 11p in 9 games.

One more stat for you. The Jackest officially have the worst ranked PP in the league converting at 12.4%.



Pub said...

Here is a good stat of the day. 7 players showed up to "optional" practice today.


Erik said...

I think the rest were being kicked in the a$$ by Hitch after last nights performance...

There is a good reason Hitch changed the training to optional...

Anonymous said...

Pub, it's interesting that you failed to mention that it was changed from an normal practice to an optional skate.

That would imply a change in direction by the coaching staff.

Perhaps there is more to it then a lack of motivation?

What's pathetic is making an assumption when you have no information on what went on in the locker room after the game. For example, why it was moved to optional?

I haven't even seen who the seven players were that showed up. Probably a lot of guys that were scratched or coming off of recent injuries and needed some work.

Perhaps it was something as simple as Hitch having a "Come to Jesus meeting" and Hitch didn't even want to see them today.

Pub said...

Maybe Hitch didnt want to see them and maybe he thought he would see who would show up and maybe on the PP on their own? I know if I was on a team that just got their asses kicked by they fucking Coyotes and I was a leader of any sort, I would have my team out on the fucking practice rink trying to work it or no coach.

Leclaire, Norrena, Tollefsen, Voracek, Chimera, Novotny, Boll were the ones that showed up. No "C" and no "A" s around.

"Optional Skate" after an ass beating to me means you better "Option" your ass out there if you give a shit. Or were they to tired after 4 days of rest before yesterday?

Erik said...


Here is your answer...

Leclaire, Norrena, Tollefsen, Voracek, Chimera, Novotny, Boll

All players that were OK... I personally thought Chimera was the best player in that game... Novotny didn't play and neither did Norrena and Leclaire.. Boll and Tollefsen did what they had to do on the last lines.. Voracek was trying too hard to create plays, but at least he was trying.. I think the rest of the team was getting their a$$%^#% handed to them by Hitch.... and deservingly so.. Playing as uninspired as they did after such a good run and with multiple days of rest is unacceptable... especially against a team who is competing for one of the bottom playoff spots just like we are..