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Friday, November 28, 2008

Z drops em

You've probably seen this by now but in case you haven't, Zherdev dropped the gloves with super rookie Steven Stamkos on Wednesday night - its his first NHL fight (as well as Stamkos):

Atta boy Z!

(thanks for the heads up Colin!)



Anonymous said...

Who is Z character and why would I care about 2 lightweights fighting?

LTL said...

You cared enough to comment about not caring..



Anonymous said...

Wonder why we didn't have that kinda enthusiasm in C-Bus...

Scott S said...

Gotta wonder if he picked anything up from Boll during his time here haha xD

Max said...

Wow... It almost looked like they knew what they were doing! Kind of a dirty hit by Stamkos, but at least Zherdev made him pay for it. Good scrap, I'd say! I give it an 8!