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Thursday, November 6, 2008


I think they should start putting those defibrillators in every section of Nationwide Arena because I'm not sure how much more the ole pump can take.

The Jackets finally came out on the right side of a nail biter last night downing the Edmonton Oilers in regulation.... yep, no OT, no Shootout...just a good ole fashion come from behind regulation win.

It wasn't all pretty (are any Jacket games?) but they got it done off goals from Huselius, Brassard, Umberger, Modin & the game winner Malhotra. Voracek, Commodore & Torres each collected two helpers.

After the game I "retreated" to the Garage Bar to enjoy a couple cold beverages and, a light the lamp first, had a group discussion about the stoplight and bright lights. Here is what we came up with (from what I recall -- damn those 24oz PBRs!!).


* Another 3 goal 3rd period. You have to give the guys credit for hanging in there and grinding out a much needed win. I thought the game was toast after they gave up the 3rd and 4th goals. This team is certainly showing it can score and showing it can come back from multiple goal deficits -- something they could not do last season.

* This is the 3rd time this season this team has scored 5 or more goals in just 13 games. They only did so 5 times all of last season.

* Modin-Peca-Torres. Love this line and it was a beast again last night. It generated 9 shots and 3 points.

* Speaking of Modin. We didn't all agree on him but to me this guy needed one in the worst way. I think he's been working hard and it was nice to see him get rewarded. Now hopefully they start coming in bunches.

* The block Chimera made with seconds remaining on the PP and minutes left in the game with his stomach was to me the best play of the night. That takes some balls to hold your ground in front of a Sheldon Souray shot from the point like that. Its those kinds of plays that add up to wins and to see that kind of sacrafice is a encouraging. I was worried when he left the ice and was very relieved to hear he's okay.

* Mike freakin Commodore..! Wow what a monster game out of him. A couple of helpers asside (what a beauty pass to Brass for his goal) this guy was playing tough hockey all night long. Best game I've seen of him so far in a CBJ sweater by a long shot. A buddy of mine after the game made this point -- he said to re-watch the game and pay close attention to Commodore during that last penalty in the 3rd -- he was doing everything short of mugging the Oiler players in front of Mason to clear them out. It was old school hockey and a veteran play as Commodore knew they weren't going to call any more penalties so he could take some liberties.

* A win on national television is always a plus. Those folks in Canada just got a nice taste of the rooks and got to see their World Junior Championship gold medal tender play his first NHL game.

* Torres with two points against his old squad... must have felt good.

* What was up Roloson's butt? Regardless its clear the Jackets got under his skin and that's always a good thing to rattle the opposition's netminder. HM to those fans in 108 & 109 for the goaltender chants!

* Brass and Voracek. 3 points combined for these two. The only reason I have them here is because of Voracek's turnover that resulted in a goal. Also Brass had a couple of give-aways but he was flat out amazing in the circle winning 10 of 12 draws.

* Steve Mason. Welcome to the NHL kid. Man does this kid have some size and moves well with it. That said he had a tough night. A couple he couldn't do much with but there were a couple he was caught out of position. One of the guys pointed this out -- watch Mason when the puck is behind the net, he's so big that he can actually keep both skate blades against both posts as he looks to see and anticipate which side the puck is going to come from. Congrats to him for his first NHL win.

* Can we get the Nash that played in the 3rd period in every period? He made some fantastic plays in the 3rd. I particularly liked his play along the board on the PK when he won a key battle and cleared that puck.

* I know he didn't get on the board but I love the way Andrew Murray competes each and every shift. He never shys away from the tough play and board battles and always gives it 100% every shift. He also led this team in hits with 5.

* Put that Umberger on a roll. This guy is hot right now. He also had 4 hits and played in every situation. A friend's comment on him was that he didn't really think he's played bad all season he just couldn't get any to fall for him. He needs to work on those draws though as he only won 5 of 15.

* Jared Boll looked like Jared Boll for the first time this season last night.

* Huselius continues to do what he does. This guy has really been more consistent than I thought he be and he's scoring some key goals for us like getting us on the board first last night. Give that guy the puck at center ice between the dots and he's going to put it on net 9 of 10 times and score more often than not. That's his wheelhouse.

* Manny with the game winner but other than that I thought he was below average. Watch him closely, he bumbles about every puck that hits his stick. Then watch the rookies and guys like Huselius and they just don't screw up much -- if the pass is anything close to them they gather it in and are right back up ice creating 'o'. Difference between a 4th and 1st liner I guess.

* The attendance stunk again last night. That said we all agreed that those who came made the place was LOUD! For that reason it gets a yellow.

* This is in that Yellow-Red area. The PP got one but gave up another short handed one. The PK gave up a goal but wasn't horrible. The PK also came up big when they needed it the most there at the end of the game.

* Hate to see them blow a 2 goal lead any night. Hate to see them give up 4 straight goals.

* Not only did the Jackets not score on their 5 on 3 what really bothered us was that they didn't create any quality scoring chances. They must take advantage of those opportunities -- especially against the worst PK in the entire league.

* Another tough night for Backman. He's just a mess. No shots, no hits, two give aways. There was one play where he had a glorious opportunity to shoot - perfect position right between the dots -- instead he passes.

* We just don't get it. I know they won so it doesn't sting as much but how do you not play your best young players in the 3rd when your down by two? Yes I know Voracek committed a horrible turnover that led to a shorthanded goal but he's a rookie -- that was a rookie mistake -- its going to happen. I've seen plenty of other veteran Jackets make those mistakes (we've let in 4 other SH goals and they aren't all Jake's fault) but their butts don't get glued to the bench. Play these guys -- we aren't in this game without them to begin with. I dunno - what are we missing here? I know it was mentioned Brass could be rested later in the game for energy concerns from the flu -- maybe that was part it.

* I thought the officiating was questionable on both sides. The Oil definitely got some even up calls at the end.

1. A win...and in regulation no less!!
2. Mike Commodore was a horse.
3. 5 goals, comeback in the 3rd, rookies, Chimera block... to many to choose from!

Overall the Jackets deserved to win this one. They outplayed the Oilers and despite some lapses they kept their focus and kept battling. It was certainly an entertaining game with 9 combined goals but they are a lot more fun if you win!

Jackets take on the Montreal Canadiens tomorrow night. If your on the fence you don't want to miss this one against an original 6 team we don't see much who is celebrating their 100th year as a pro franchise. Oh, and they are pretty damn good too!



Dan said...

I got another red light for ya - hangovers.

LTL said...

Yeah.. the advil bottle got a ncie workout this morning in the LTL household.


Rick said...

I think I'm going to start calling them the "Cardiac Kidz". What a Game!

We got some love from media outside C-Bus today. Puck Daddy on Yahoo said this:

"Wednesday's three stars:
No. 3 star: Derik Brassard, Columbus Blue Jackets The league's top rookie for the month of October continues his strong play right into the second month of the season. Brassard's fifth goal of the season gave the host Blue Jackets a 2-0 lead in a game they would win 5-4 over the Edmonton Oilers. Besides his goal at 2:31 of the second period, Brassard put three shots on goal and won 10 of 12 faceoffs during 12:10 of ice time."
And this:
"Honorable mention: Manny Malhotra scored his first game-winning goal since Nov. 11, 2007, by batting a puck in close out of mid-air set up by ex-Oiler Raffi Torres to beat Edmonton...Sure he surrendered four goals, however rookie goalie Steve Mason was not only making his NHL debut, but it was just his fourth professional start as well. And it was a winner for the Blue Jackets."

Plus, Aaron Portzline on PuckRakers has Brass the Calder Trophy winner this year!

As Hitch said after the game "Get used to being on the edge of your seat this season".

Go Jackets!!!

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining game. I really was down after giving up 4 straight goals, but the guys picked themselves up after the beginning of 3rd period mental/physical break down. Great crowd noise too... didn't know so few could make so much noise. Sure wish we could have seen the TSN broadcast. would have loved to have heard the commentary. Fun seeing Pierre McGuire in between the benches all game. Hopefully LeClaire seeing Mason here will give him reason to heal fast.

On the short-handed goal scored against us.. I believe it may have been something Edmonton picked up on film.. we sent 1 guy back to get the puck.. 2 of their guys come after it.. check him off the puck, pass to the other guy in the slot and shoot - goal. Too many of our guys were not skating hard to get back into the defensive zone.

lamdeveg said...

Love, love, loved the "dirty" goals!!! Park in the crease & bang it home..."act as if" you've done this before!!! Chimmer, we love you! Raffi...couldn't hit harder if he had lights & tires! Jared...stick your mug in there & piss em off while snagging the puck! Nash...thanks, we missed you! time I see you at grocery I'll definately say thanks! That's the team I've been waiting to see emerge!!!'re our new waste of salary cap space.

LTL said...

You know I forgot to mention Peca. He had a whale of a game..especially on the PK.

He's just been kind of humming along this season. I really like him playing where he belongs on that 3rd line center position.

Good point about the PK Duff..and thanks for heads up on Puck-Daddy recap Rick.. That guy does a great job with that blog.


Anonymous said...

Does Backman actually bring anything to the team or are they only playing him because of the outrageous salary he gets? I'd rather have a heavy salary in the press box and have OKT and Methot out on the ice.

Wally said...

I'm feeling a little bittersweet. Seems like our guys stepped it up a LOT to help Mason out. We could have won a majority of the games this season if Norrena/LeClaire had the same help.. Well that, and if the Jackets scored 5 goals each game. Was happy with the 1st & 3rd periods. The 2nd was a stinker.

And very happy to see Rick Nash a little spunkier... :-)

xoggz22 said...

LTL - I have to agree with you that it's a crime Voracek sits the bench yet Backman continues to get time on the ice. I will be very disappointed if Rusty doesn't take the place of Backman as opposed to OKT or Methot.

I would think Russel could make the same mistakes as Backman so why not let him be the man. he's also a better skater and faster. I'm still concerned our D is a little slow (See commodore's hooking penalty in the 2nd when he was raced past....)

Overall this team has talent and fans are missing it. I was just as pissed as everyone else when we went down 4-2. Went so far as to say "this game is over". Boy was I wrong and happy to eat crow.

DRU said...

Love, love, love, Andrew Murry's speed! This guys wheels are so underrated. The way he chases down pucks and starts plays as the first forward in the zone is beautiful to watch. Even Danny Gare was raving about it last night. All that speed and board-work and he rarely takes penalties. He's got a fan in me!

erik said...

I completely agree with LTL's post.. very good assessment..
I think this team has already shown that it will come back from deficits, they have shown good resilience so far.
Also different from other years, they are not taking frustration penalties after they gave up 4 consecutive goals... instead they marched on ...a very good sign..

I am afraid I have to agree with the common consensus on Backman... he's becoming worse and worse each game.. He's now in the "I don't realize he's on the ice until he makes a fatal mistake" category..

Commodore is getting better, now let's hope Tyutin will follow his lead.. remember he was the guy who is supposed to bring us the added offense... I am still willing to wait with him... I think in this situation Commodore is adapting more quickly because of his experience in the NHL and also as a journeyman... Tyutin is still adapting..

BTW the Canadian game should be excellent.. .the Canadians want to destroy us badly for that ass-whooping we gave them on their special night last season (I believe they were raising Bob Gainey to the rafters).... that loss was not well received in Montreal... Look for some fireworks...

Wally said...

Jackets are 1 point shy of a 3-way tie for the 8th playoff spot (Edmonton & Nashville). 2 points shy to tie Vancouver for the 7th/8th spot.

All you haters from last week can bite me.

LTL said...

I don't think its hating Wally... just that we've all been there seen that. I personally don't blame any fans for being skeptical after 7 years of losing -- boys have to get it done on the ice to win em back which thankfully they did last night.

Now they just got to keep it going. Big challenge tomorrow night against a Montreal team that has yet to lose on the road.


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