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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Re-run?

Coming off of a strong road performance in a 2-0 shutout over Atlanta and after a hard week of practice the Jackets will face a Phoenix Coyotes team at home tonight.

That scenario sound familiar?

The Phoenix Coyotes have owned the Jackets in two meetings thus far this season. The last butt-kicking coming at home on November 12th in a 5-2 loss.

The Jackest get another shot tonight against a Phoenix team that has lost its past 6 in a row -- think they aren't looking at this game against the Jackets to bust the slump?

* Typically at home its the road team that has to weather the storm early. I get the feeling tonight it may be the Jackets that have to match 'yotes early intensity until they find their sea legs. Ideally the Jackets are the ones that come out fired up and get the early tally.

* Cannot fall behind early in this game or I think it could snowball once again.

* Kick them while they are down. The 'yotes are slumping in a bad way... don't be the team to let them pick themselves up. The Jackets have been the recipients of those kicks for many years -- time to start doin the kickin!

* Phoenix is led by Shane Doan and Oli Jokinen. Both have 19 and 18 points respectively. Contain these guys. Doan had his way with the Jackets in the last meeting.. Jokinen was aloud to set up for his wicked one timer which also burned them.

* Nash, Brass and Umberger have been doing most of the heavy lifting in the scoring department. Would be nice to see guys like Huselius, Chimera, Modin, Voracek, Torres and company pot a few.

* Jackets have had a hard time penatrating the Coyotes defenense and then beating Byrzgalov... need those dirty hard working goals tonight.

* Win the war of the trenches. The 'yotes have outworked the Jackets in every area of the ice. The Jackets have to get back to winning the little battles to get the 2 points.

*Now believe me when I say there ain't nothin special about either team's special teams. The Jackets have the 30th ranked PP, the 'yotes 29th. The Jackets have the 23rd ranked PK, the 'yotes 25th. If either team can get on the board with their PP it will probably be the difference.

* Mase just has to play like he's been playing and give his team a chance.

* Friggan hit these guys. No layups. If Doan has the puck put a body into him. I gurantee you I know one Jackets who will and that's Dorsett.

Which team are we going to get tonight? The one that has gotten blown out of their own building their last two home games or the one that has played so well on the road?

Also it looks like Voracek is getting moved back up into the top 6. We'll see if that can give him a much needed spark.

"In order to play against Phoenix, we need to have a different attitude," Hitchcock said. "They play with speed and tenacity, and we have to match that."

Puck drops at 7 p.m.




Max said...

I think the Jackets will be ok tonight. Hitchcock whipped them into shape this week (says puck-rakers). The 'Yotes are struggling, so why not take the chance to turn the tables a bit. I think the key tonight has to be to hit someone. The last game was particularly embarrassing. Like ol' Reg Dunlap used to say... "Get out there on the ice and let 'em know you're there. Get that [] stick in their side. Let 'em know you're there! Get that lumber in his teeth. Let 'em know you're there!"

LTL said...

Nothing like a good ole Slapshot quote to get the blood pumping for this one! Nicely played Max!


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note. Huselius has 4 goals, and 7 points, in the last 10 games (over a 30 goal pace). One less goal then Brass. I understand the other guys, but for chipping in goals, Huselius doesn't deserve to be lumped in with the "slumping" players.

Anonymous said...

saw this on a chat board with writer EJ Hradek.....I think Hradek is mostly right on in his response to the question, but how can a guy who does this for a living not know how to spell Brassard's name? it would only take about 10 seconds to look it up! Plus, he doesn't actually give a direct answer to Logan's question......

Logan (Columbus, OH): The Blue Jackets are over .500 despite playing less than stellar hockey defensively. With so many players in, fans in Columbus saw a slow start coming. However, thru 20 games the Blue Jackets have 21 points and it is clear they are not comfortable with each other yet. When they gel, I only see them playing better. Are the Blue Jackets finally going to end their playoff drought?

EJ Hradek: It's gonna be tough for them. The conference they're in is very tough. I think they're gonna have to have a lot of things go right to get in the playoffs. Unfortunately, I think they have to be patient; the team had so many other issues in the past several years. It takes time to kind of get it back on the right track. Blue Jackets fans have to be thrilled to have two rookies in the lineup like Broussard and Jakub Voracek.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR POINTING OUT THAT IT IS OK TO HIT DOAN... last time out it seemed like he was wearing a non contact injury jersey ... JESUS make some contact... i really think tonights game will have LOTS of fireworks...

i hope we dont lose ourselves in all of that though...

i feel if we get chances we will win...

Anonymous said...


remember novotny got smoked in PHOENIX earlier this year... should have been a 5 minute major for elbowing/boarding... but alas the refs didnt see it ... go figure...

i hope someone does something about that tonight...

im talking to you BOLL...and DORSETT

LTL said...

I stand correctly Anonymous.. I was thinking Juice was in a drought recently.. but he's got 2g, 2a in his past 4.

Nice catch.