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Friday, November 28, 2008

Power play meter

I don't think Noel is the sole reason why the Jackets PP is a train wreck..but still this pic (courtesy of a poster on HF) is good for a laugh which is all we fans can really do when we are up a man (or two) at this point:



etcbeatty said...

The picure won't display unless you are registered with HF boards, and they've got a real Gestapo registration process...

LTL said...

I'll fix it.. thanks ETC.


Max said...

Hahaha. That's pretty funny. At least we aren't giving up shorties anymore. But something must be done about that. Maybe we can salvage a playoff run without any help for most of the season, but come deadline time, there's GOT to be someone who will take Backman and a pick for a heavy shot on the blue line. If not, what's the FA situation look like for next year for the coveted offensive defenseman? I feel like this year we've been building up some serious "cred" and maybe some big (or up and coming, anyway) names will be more inclined to sign here.

JAL said...

I think Russell is going to be huge coming down the stretch -- besides being strong on the puck and firing some nice shots last night, he delivered some big hits in our own zone.

IMHO, look for 2 deals sooner than later, maybe before Xmas Trade Freeze. 1 a center or versatile winger and 1 another defenseman. 1 of these will be a PP specialist as well. Norrena, Tollefson and Novotny all on the table, with Modin also possible. One or two Syracuse assets could sweeten the deal for the right player. Lots of teams with needs out there, and I sense that Mason's emergence, Russell's play and solid play from some of our other folks are combining to give Howson room to make some deals.

Stay tuned . . . December will be an interesting month.


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