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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jackets pull to .500 off big win

Where to start.

I guess I'll start by saying that was a huge win against a very good Montreal team. Methot, Umberger and Modin all with goals. Huselius and Brassard with nasty finishes in the shootout.... and what about Mason? The Jackets aren't in this game without his play in the 1st period.

Sure the are still plenty of areas to improve upon (ahem...special teams) but even when this team gets down they are proving time and time again, they aren't out.

Honestly, these past two home games have been some of the most fun I've had in a looong time at Jackets games. Of course winning always helps!



* This team never gave up. It was up and down and all over the place at times but everybody had a hand in winning this one. Tough start aside this team is showing some really good signs over the past 5 games that we could have something here.

* This team is not in this game without Mason's performance in the first period. That is a what your goaltending needs to do -- keep you in games until the team in front of you wakes up. We also can't overlook that shootot performance.

* Fedor Tyutin played over 30 mintues last night. That has got to be close to a Blue Jacket record. He had an unbelievable assist on Modin's goal, 2 shots, 1 block and 4 hits. He wasn't killer on the PP as he bobbled some keep ins but for the most part I thought he had a real solid night in all situations.

* Marc Methot with another goal had 4 hits and 3 blocks. He's just been a big tree trunk back there who is getting his nose dirty all over the ice. This guy is just playing some fantastic hockey and I don't know where this offensive flair is comin from but I love it!

* I often overlook Jan Hejda on this blog which is my fault b/c he's been playing some great hockey, especially lately. He led the team in +/- last night with a +3 and even collected a couple of helpers. He's finding some chemistry with Commodore and is certainly living up to his "black hole" defensive billing.

* Big up to Hitch for putting Brass in the shootout and increasing his ice time (17+ last night). The kid has earned it.

* A shootout win! I almost forgot what that was like... Huselius' was sweet but Brass's attempt was just nasty.

* That was a hard hitting game. Both teams were throwing their weight around. Jackets had 33 hits led by Tyutin and Methot with 4. Montreal was alot more physical than I was expecting with 27.

* We have replays in Nationwide Arena...and lots of them!! YES!

* Brassard continues to be amazing in the circle. He won 10 of 14 last night. His ability in the circle has been one of the biggest suprises for me in his game.

* How hot is RJ Umberger? He notches yet another goal last night..his 4th in 3 games.

* Well done section 108!!

* Kristian Huselius had some bad turnovers last night and generally it wasn't his strongest game. He gets a yellow because he had some awesome defensive plays on the backcheck that really broke up some quality chances for the Habs. Those kinds of things all add up to wins.

* Rick Nash is starting to look like Rick Nash. One has to wonder if there was an injury somewhere in the mix here and he just now starting to get over it? Or it could just be a condidence thing. He was strong all night and how about that feed to Methot for that even up tally in the 3rd? Nice.

* Good atmosphere in the arena again last night with a crowd of 14,600. Give Habs fans some credit, they certainly showed up to support their team . The Jackets fans did a great job of drowning them out.

* Quite night for Voracek.

* Speaking of quiet... Modin may have the quitest 6 points 8 games on the team.

* He only collected an assist but I thought Jason Chimera had another strong game last night. He's so much more patient with the puck this season....looks really confident out there and he's even staying onsides most night. He also had a team high 6 shots. My one criticism is he's got dump that puck at the end of regulation there -- you can shoot and miss the net...that led to the Canadiens breakout that ultimately resulted in the tying goal.

* Peca was really good on the PK but was brutal in the face off circel only winning 5 of 19 for 26%.

* You know I'm not really even going to get into the reds for this one. The same problems we've had all season showed up especially with special teams (we've got to score 5 on 3!) but I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this one.

* I give myself a red for not remembering the new face off rule when a player takes a penalty.

1. Jackets find a way to get two points.
2. Steve Mason was really good, especially in the first.
3. Not a lot of passengers last night...some strong performances from a number of players including Methot, Nash, Tyutin and many more.

With the win the Jackets improve to 6-6-2 on the season which is good for 14 points and 3rd in the Central (1 point behind Chicago). They are 3-0-2 in their past 5 and certainly appear to be digging themselves out of their early season hole.

The Jackets won't have time to enjoy this one as they get right back at it tonight versus the Calgary Flames.

I won't be at this as I'll be supporting the Columbus Crew in their first home playoff game in 3 years. Not to worry as I'll be watching the game on DVR as soon as I get home!
Those who have followed this team through the years have had a lot of long years but there are finally some strong signs ladies and gentlemen that we just may be onto something this season.

We can certainly call this team a lot of things but boring isn't one of them!

Lets see if the boys can keep this ball rolling tonight!




Anonymous said...

OK ... give me a double red dot. What is the new face off rule when a player takes a penalty?

Anonymous said...

the new rule is that when a player takes a penalty his team must take a face off in its defensive zone ( WHICH I LOVE ) great new rule / tweak....

great job by all... i think my fave part aside from BRASS getting a chance in the shootout was the fact that our D Men are producing points ! ... for once...

great game... i hope they can keep it up tonight 2 more big points out there

and... i hope MASON takes the pipes again... and norrena takes the bus

Max said...

The new rule is that when a team takes a penalty, the ensuing faceoff is in the penalized team's zone. The idea is to create more offense on the PP.

Oh Blue Jackets. They actually look like a serious team. If they beat the Flames tonight, I'm going to come unglued. Beating 3 Canadian teams is never easy, especially with the Canadiens and the Flames being so good. I think that attendance will slowly start to go up if they can keep these winning (exciting!! nerve-racking!! fast attacking!!) ways up.
LTL, they played a speed team last night. Calgary is more of a rough, powerful team. Will that be an issue for tonight?

Mike said...

Hey, it was awesome to meet u at garage bar yesterday. Have a good time at the Crew game, here's to hoping the flamers go down, although I saw earlier today on Puckrakers Huselius might be out. Wow that would suck if he is!

castle said...

Wow...Jan Hedja last night! He did it all last night with hits, blocked shots, and assists. I have really enjoyed watching him and Methot these last two games. Our defensive pairings are finally starting to show signs of chemistry and have completely turned it around since the beginning of the season, which I believe is a big part of our turnaround these last five games.

On a side note, I have been pretty disappointed with Voracek for the past several games. He looks clumsy with the puck and hasn't really created much of anything, so I would really like to see him get a point tonight to get back on track.

LTL said...

Hey Max,

I actually think we match up better against Calgary than we did against Montreal.

We both play similar styles which is hard nosed north/south physical brand of hockey.

The problem with the Flames is that they are special with their special teams. They have the 5th ranked PP and 11th ranked PK. The Jackets I think, have to win the battle of special teams tonight to win the game.

Of coruse Iginla is their engine and anytime you can contain him you create a nice chance to win the game.

Both teams can score though and both teams are giving up lots of goals.

I have a feeling its going to be another roller coaster ride at Nationwide tonight. Buckle your seat belts!

Mike - it was great to meet you as well!

Anonymous #2 - great point about the d-men. Its nice to see this group contributing offensively. Who would have even thunk Methot would be creating as much offense as he's been? Unreal.


markislander said...

All i have to say was that sec 108 was rocking last way to go guys.