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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barn Burner

Granted I cheer widly inside every time the Wings lose but non-biased aside, last night's 7-6 OT win for the Penguins over the Wings was some fun hockey to watch.

Of course if your the coaches of either squad your waking up this morning saying to yourself how in the h-e-doublehockeysticks did we give up 6+ goals? That kind of goals against total will drive any coach crazy. Let alone if your a Wings fan who watched their team blow a 5-2 lead in the 3rd.

Speaking of the Wings, they've given up a whopping 47 goals against through 14 games - yikes - some chinks in the armor?

..but for fans, or casual fans, tuning in with no skin in the game that was just "fun" to watch.

Nice read on Steve Mason from

"Coming into the year, I knew I could play if I was given the opportunity," said the reserved Mason, who will start against Phoenix on Wednesday. "I put a lot of hard work into it."

"I talk to my friends back home every day and I ask them what's up," he said. "They're writing essays for school and I'm just getting back from practice."

Nash on his play:

"It's his first couple games in the NHL and he's playing like a 10-year veteran," said Jackets captain Rick Nash. "He reminds me a lot of (Roberto) Luongo. He's positional, he doesn't get himself out of the play.

"He's playing solid."

Here is a really good read on the hockey Buckeye's sweep over the weekend:

Carlson, who was displeased with his previous outing against Michigan, used the weekend’s sweep of Michigan State as a platform to announce his arrival as a credible force in net for the Buckeyes.

“I felt like last weekend was pretty rough,” Carlson said regarding OSU’s 4-3 loss to Michigan. “I played solid, but I could have stolen that game for us and I just wasn’t able to. Coming out this weekend, I knew the job wasn’t solidified and I needed to prove myself.”

Aided by a strong defensive effort that yielded few serious scoring opportunities for the Spartans, Carlson stopped all 21 shots sent his way in Friday’s contest.

“I only felt I had to come up with two key saves in the game, otherwise everything was outside, right in to me,” Carlson said.

“Guys are starting to feel right out there,” Boyd said. “Look at Zac Dalpe, he’s accepting the big challenges and we’re getting our older guys like Picard and [Corey] Elkins that are really leading by example.”

Lindsay Kramer (I love his blog) has an updated injury report in terms of the Crunch. To recap: Steve Kelly out 4-6 weeks with broken ribs (ouch), Adam Pineault hopes to get back this weekend - he's been fighting a groin injury, Sestito is out 4-6 weeks with a separated shoulders and I love this update about Derick Dorsett:

Syracuse forward Derek Dorsett's temporarily injured leg is fine. Houston defenseman John Scott rolled up on it Sunday, and Dorsett had to be helped off the ice. He returned, but after the game said it was still sore. Tuesday, he said it was OK.

Course, with Dorsett, you could fire a nail gun into his kneecap and he'd say the same thing.

Intersting stat. Former Jackets and 2001 3rd round pick Aaron Johnson is off to a nice start with the Blackhawks this season. He has 3g, 3a in 11gp.

So if all the d-men on the roster are healthy enough to go tonight who sits? You know the top 4 won't so it will come down to Backman, Tollefsen and Methot. Easy decision for me... Backman takes a seat in the press box.

Fire away - who would you sit?



loach said...

It should be Backman. Methot should be the least likely to sit, but I feel he is going to get the shaft.

Wally said...

I was a Pens fan before I was a Jackets fan, so... lots of noise at my house last night!

6 goals was impressive for Detroit, but still losing is just crazy...

Pub said...

NOT Methot. Sit Klesla.

xoggz22 said...

Methot sits if he has any chance of suffering a bigger injury. if he's healthy enough to play they'll play him. Backman's only saving grace is his "offensive" game (double entendre there huh?). He should be the one to sit but I have to believe it will be OKT. He's the logical choice but it should be Backman who brings nothing to the table in my opinion.

I'm more interested to see how Mase performs. If he continues he'll likely close the Norrena chapter in Columbus. Too bad Freddy doesn't have more value. it would be nice to get a pick or something of value for him.

angelo said...

Carlson looked really good in net for the bucs this weekend. Solid goal tending and even willing to stand up for himself when necessary (2 min minor for roughing, giving Tropp the business late in the 2nd).

The one to watch here is Dalpe - he is beginning to rack up points and the kid wins more face-offs than he loses.