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Friday, November 28, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: One key

Stay out of the box.

At even strength I think the Jackets can play all night with tonight's opponent, the Detroit Red Wings, but if they get into penalty trouble they will be in trouble.

The Wings boast the league's best PP converting at 31.8%. That beats the 2nd place team, the St. Louis Blues, by a whopping 8.2%. They are tied with the San Jose Sharks for the league lead in 24 goals for with a 5 v 4 advantage. They also make you play 5 v 3 as they are tied for 2nd with 4 goals for.

Of course the Jackets struggles converting with 1 or even 2 men up are well documented. They come dead last in the PP and 28th in the league with 11 5 on 4 goals scored and tied for last place with 6 other teams with 0 goals 5 v 3.

On the PK neither team is great with the Wings coming in at 20th killing at 80.4% while Jackets are 21st killing at 80.2%.

At even strength though they are in the ballpark, hell they are sitting right next to each other in the dugout. Both the Jackets and the Wings are tied dead even at 10th in the league with 42 goals a piece.

Stay out of the box and keep this game even and the Jackets got a shot.

Also keep an eye on the Capitals. We play them at home tomorrow night and they are on the road tonight in Montreal.




Rick said...

Maybe tonight they play "up" to the level of the Wings. PP/PK is going to be a re-occuring problem until they get that "magic" player. Heck, he doesn't even have to be great... I'd settle for pretty good right now.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I just started reading this blog a couple weeks ago, keep up the good work!

LTL said...

Hey thanks Anonymous!

I just realized Google Blogger is now capitalizing everyone's handle... its the little things!!

Now my tip to everyone before this game... stay away from anything square - most importantly boxes..! its good karma!


JAL said...

Bad goal by Pazzy there at the end of the 2nd. There is something missing in his game right now -- he is a half step slow, looking behind him a lot.

Huselius needs an exorcist! Nice chances and 2 posts!!! Russell is looking good,so is Umberger. If we can repeat the 1st period, we are still in this thing. Osgood has had his share of great saves -- time for a few to sneak through.

Go Jackets!


A Shot From The Point

LTL said...

How about that fluke goal for Tyutin? I hope the Jackets can build off that big time break.

Of course now Osgood will probably make the All Star team.


LTL said...


Is "A Shot From The Point" your blog? I click on the link under your comment and it errors out.


JAL said...

Yeah, LTL, that is my blog. Must have made an error in the link. Try below. Just started it, so definitely a work in progress. I don't anticipate it being much competition for you . . . ;-)

Darn shame about this game, which, IMHO lays at Pazzy's feet. Two awful goals . . . Russell and Tyutin looked good on the point, and Chimera missed that wide open net on the PP at the end. We deserved at least a point on this one.

Let's beat Washington tomorrow.

A Shot From The Point

JAL said...

Dispatch wunderkinds do it again. "Bluejackets tie it three times . . ." is the subhead. Wrong!! Does Tom Reed actually watch the games???? Properly puts Pazzy's feet to the fire for the loss, but no mention of key plays or positives, such as the Russell/Tyutin pair on the point.

More column inches given to Ovechkin than the CBJ . . . Disgraceful, guys.

A Shot From The Point

LTL said...

Hey JAL.. thanks I'll link ya on my blog. The more CBJ bloggers out there the merrier!!

p.s. yeah I caught that title and then I read Puck-raker and Tom Reed apologized for his screw up... of course with the amount of grammar and spelling errros on this blog I've got zero room to talk!! :)

Need to "cap" tonight's game off with 2 big ones! C'mon Jackets!!