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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 4 Power Rankings: Lack of center a common theme
Rank: 26 (unchanged)
Derick Brassard leads all rookies in scoring and is on a point-per-game pace. But the Jackets still haven't won two in a row.
Rank: 26 (+3)
Rick Nash is getting tons of ice time (over 22 minutes per game), but doesn't have the setup man to take full advantage of his finishing ability. How long before he gets paired with rookie scoring leader Derick Brassard.
Rank: 25 (+1)
They desperately need a centre.
Rank: TBD
Rank: 28 (unchanged)
The power play produced just one goal the second half of the month. Should-have-been All-Star goalie Pascal Leclaire got hurt. A true top center has yet to emerge. And fans are staying away in droves in Columbus. Not the start the Blue Jackets would have liked.
Rank: 26 (-2)
The Blue Jackets come into Week 4 losers of three of their last four games, including two of the three contests they played last week. The club's power play was nowhere to be found in Week 3, going 0-for-8 in its two losses to the Rangers and Wild.
Rank: 25 (unchanged)
Easy win in Denver and shootout loss to Chicago are a good sign; gotta beat the Islanders tonight.
Rank: 27 (unchanged)
You know watching Zherdev's Broadway play must be killing these guys
Rank: 27 (-1)
Bet Ken Hitchcock thought he'd have more offence out of Rick Nash (five goals) and R.J. Umberger (one goal) at this stage of the game.

Meta-score: 26.3 (Last week 26.6)

The Jackets inch up a tick.

Keep in mind most of these were written before the Jackets game this week. The Dispatch & CBC have us the highest at 25 while Yahoo has us the lowest at 28.

Lots of comments about centers and some of these folks are starting to wake up and realize the impact of guys Brassard and Voracek. I suspect we'll hear even more of those names in their rankings next week.



Anonymous said...

So much drama over our lack of a top line center, PP QB, Nash is in a slump, Backman is crap, our PP is gawd aweful.

Yet, somehow, we are 9th in the NHL in scoring at 3.0 GPG.

How can this be? There must be some mistake.

LTL said...

Whelp.. you can't put this one on me. These are outlooks from 9 different writers throughout the hockey world.

I like reading them to get a sense of what folks think outside our little bubble here in Cbus.


Anonymous said...

Could it be, LTL, that the general analysis of the team is not as simplistic as the national media, and the majority of our fans, portray?

Perhaps the issues with the team are, right now, a less then stellar PK. A bad goalie situation. General team chemistry, partially because we are moving a winger back to center (partially from injuries). A PP that has allowed 5 short handed goals and has a hard time establishing in the zone (this has allowed the other team to forcheck hard and force the mistakes).

Perhaps is just easier to say "They need a center for Nash"?

Perhaps I say this because the general opinion, in our bubble, is pretty much in line with the national media?

I would like to give RJ another 2 or 3 weeks before I declaire we have to get a top line center for Nash. Perhaps he IS our stopgap until Brassard is ready, in Hitch's eyes.

LTL said...

As I always say ALL opinions are welcomed and encouraged here.

RJ is certainly coming around the last few games so I can see that argument but then again, just 2 short games ago Hitch moved him to a 3rd line wing. So how long is that leash?

As far as the power rankings... at this point C I think your just throwing bait to throw it. Not biting. We all know the purpose of power rankings and I know you do as well.