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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mason's mask

Saw these on HF:

Very cool and love the fact he's adopting some of the signature pieces of the team's civil war history.



Mattlund said...

I think it's the best mask in Columbus' short history.


rolicheroli said...

LTL, what's up with your boys?? Everytime I get a chance to check out the scores/standings, i'm thoroughly disappointed.
I'm seein more red light/dim the lights shit than is necessary for one team so early on.
I think we all need a little CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN

LTL said...

Shouldn't you be "highway'ing to the danger zone" right about now Roli?


rolicheroli said...

I wrote the from my jet

We got all kinds of high tech shit

LTL said...

Hey Chappy!

"You dropped a bomb on"..

-Doug Masters