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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jackets stretch regulation unbeaten streak to 6!

The CBJ roller coaster was parked for the least for one game.

The Jackets did what they have yet to do the season, win back to back games with a gritty 3-1 victory of a very physical Calgary Flames team. The continue to get balanced scoring and played right through their special team struggles.

This win told me a lot about this team. It showed me they can shut down games. It showed me the players on this team are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to win. It showed me that they aren't getting to high off of wins and to low from losses. It showed me the guys are bringing their lunch pails to work each day. It showed me nobody in the organization is panicking (unlike me!).

After a real shaky start to the season this team is coming together and for the first time ever, we look to a have a real bonafide hockey team in cowtown. Now granted there will be plenty of ups and downs but if they continue to put the effort in, like they have these couple of weeks, its going to be hard for any fan to not enjoy this season.

Okay, on to the game breakdown.


* The came to play on the 2nd night of a back to back. They matched Calgary's physical game and were very opportunistic with their scoring chances.

* I was very impressed with the defensive play by the forwards in particular. I don't remember any odd man rushes against and we always had a forward hustling back on the backcheck.

* Steve Mason was very solid. He made some very good saves in the 2nd period when the game could have swayed either way. 3 straight wins for this kid. You can't sit him when Leclaire comes off the IR can you? Interesting situation developing here.

* I'm pretty hard on Manny but he played about as well as I've seen him play in a long time. His block that led to his goal was a fantastic play. What made it even more special was that he was at the end of shift but still found the energy to make it.

* Derick Brassard's goal as sweet but it was his defensive play in his own zone that really impressed me.

* The defense as a whole is doing a really good job of managing the puck and limiting their turnovers over this streak.

* Jason Chimera continues to play the best hockey of his career. He scored a very opportunistic goal, had a scrap and was a great in his own zone. He is really skating well.

* The Calgary Flames had a whopping 48 hits. A big green light is that we got out of this one without any significant injuries.

* Back to back wins for the first time this season.

* The Jackets needed to get on a run during this home stand to get back in it and that is exactly what they've done. We also can't forget these are 3 good teams they just beat.

* Boys were scrappy and didn't shy away from the rough stuff. Boll, Chimera and Commodore all got their noses dirty.

* Rick Nash played another good game. He's definitely snake bitten in the goal department (he did hit a post) but he's competing really well, especially over the past two games. You've got to think the goals will come.

* Peca was a beast in the faceoff circle after a down night against Montreal. He won 11 of 16 and had another great night on the kill. His work on the 3rd line this season has been a treat to watch.

* The PK did give up a goal but I didn't think they were that bad against one of the top PPs in the league. Good goaltending and strong shot blocking certainly helps.

* Announced crowd of just over 14k. Start spreading the word that we have a team here fans so we start putting more buts in the seats.

* PP continues to sputter but the good news is that despite its lack of productivity the Jackets are winning.

1. Back to back wins to stretch their unbeaten streak to 6!
2. Balanced scoring throughout lineup.
3. Shut the game down in the 3rd and didn't give up the lead.

The Jackets next game is Wednesday versus the Coyotes. I'm sure they are enjoying a well deserved day off.

With this big week behind them the Jackets appear to have dug themselves out of the hole they found themselves in. Next they'll look to continue this nice little streak they are and put an even bigger dent in the standings.



Anonymous said...

back to back to back no less

Wally said...

I read the other day that Ovechkin is on a 9 game slump, so it happens. It is obvious that Rick draws a TON of attention and there were times that 2 D men were dispatched to contain him. It's a boon for his linemates to get quality opportunities, but a bust for him to have to deal with all that defensive pressure.

It is something special to get goals from guys like Manny or Chimmer though. Practically everyone on this team brings something to the table right now. I even thought there was some weirdness between Norrena & Mason, but after the game, Freddy was all smiles. That is a team attitude.

I'd love to see video of the Commodore scrum. FSN kept cutting to commercials every time there was something interesting going on after the whistle. I've been a little disappointed with Commie's lack of emotion(?), especially after he was billed as such a physical defensman, but after 14 or 15 games, maybe he's starting to embrace being a Jacket and fighting for "his team"...?

LTL said...

Hey Wally,

Yeah I would also love to see the vid of Commodore's scrum.. so if anyone out there has it please email or post the link below and I'll throw it up on the blog.

Talking to folks who were at the game apparrently Commodore dropped Primeau with one punch.

I think we'll see more of that from him, but he's more of a "if the game warrant's it" kind of scrapper -- he isn't going to go out looking for it.

I thought Chimera had a good scrap with Nystrom... that dude was royaling pissing me off -- he gave Nash a bit of the business the previous shift... that is when you'd like to have a guy like Dorsett up to take care of the light/middle weights.. I also thought he could have easily gotten an instigator b/c clearly he started that fight.


Anonymous said...

There are plenty of tickets available from the scalpers right now that can be obtained for a very low price if you are willing to wait until just before game time.

Anonymous said...

"Jackets stretch regulation unbeaten streak to 6!" Sorry, those two OTLs still count as loses in my book.


LTL said...

Actually you make a good point..I changed the title to "regulation unbeaten streak to 6".