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Friday, November 14, 2008

Unidentified Flying Offense

UFO spotted in Buffalo

Good gawd...this game of hockey can be a whack job sometimes. The Jackets get outshot by a good margin....only have 2 PPs while giving up 8 against one of the best PPs in the league..and the result:

Jackets win 6-1.

Holy smokes! Who could have ever predicted that against a very good Buffalo team...and on the road?

This game of hockey is like the weather...completely unpredictable. The Jackets have played twice as good as last night but scored half as less and lost.


* Even though the Jackets threw up a half dozen goals the Jackets are in big trouble early without the play of Leclaire in the first and in the second. He was phenomenal for 60 minutes.

* Holy offense. Talk about converting on your chances... I think at one point they had 4 goals off of 8 shots. 12 different players on the scoreboard for the Jackets. Now that is balanced scoring.... and they scored just about every way.. off the rush, deflection, snap shots, one timers..

* That is the way to bounce back after a loss ladies and gentlemen. Major kudos to this team for getting up for this one

* Nice hustle by Chimera all night long... Got a nice redirection of a goal and what a beautiful job winning the races and how bout that setup to Malhotra for that 4th goal.

* Jackets got some bounces tonight... as Hitch has said things throughout the season seem to even themselves out -- this was one of those even out games.

* Sabres showed us how to run a PP..... good grief they had some nice puck movement out there.
* The Jackets however answered the bell with their PK. Pazzy was their best PKer and other than that 5 on 3, they did not allow a PP goal to the league's 4th best unit.

* Thanks for starting Lalime.... and not only that, thanks for pulling him and putting him back in in the 3rd. It seemed momentum was shifting when Miller when it but vanished when he was sat in the 3rd.Oppositions wants to start their backups..bring it on. They'll learn the hard way that this isn't your grandparent's Jackets.

* Love the passion from Brassard... awesome goal and what a light weight bout that could have been between he and Roy there towards the end. This kid's a player. Love to see Hitch playing him in the 3rd as well -- gaining that trust.

* Solid game for RJ Umberger notching a goal...a sweet feed to Chimera on his goal and just generally playing a solid all around game.. would have been sweet to see him get that shorthanded breakaway at the end.

* For those Jackets that had brutal +/- against Phoenix... they probably made up for in this one... the Jackets finished a combined +30... Hedja, Commodore & Chimera all led the way with +3s.

* Lots of Jacket Backers made the trip to Buffalo last night... way to represent!! (and we heard ya loud and clear on the post game!!)

* Commodore and Hejda with 4 blocked shots a piece...

* Jackets continue to light it up at even strength which is what all 6 goals were tonight.

* Somehow...someway the Jackets got out of that second period only surrendering 1 goal... somehow, someway they scored a goal off of 3 shots. Of course considering they spent half the period killing penalties its no wonder.

* One thing I absolutely love about Kristian Huselius is that when he commits a turnover...he busts his ass off to get back and make up for it....and half the time it pays off as he make the play to break it up at the other end.

* Strong game by Manny... nice conversion on Chimera's turnover.

* I thought Hejda struggled a bit early in the game with this puck movement but looked better as the game progressed.

* Nice to see Peca get rewarded with a goal for his unheralded hard work over the past couple of weeks.

* Nash is still 0 for an breakaways but he did get on the board off a beautiful feed by Commodore who added 2 assists on the night.

* Klesla was much better but sounds like he's back out with an ankle injury.

* Backman....broken record I know but does he ever win a board battle? Soft doesn't begin to describe him. He needs some time in the press box... I don't care what he's making.

* Refs tried everything to get the Sabres back in the game in the 2nd.. Some warranted some not. That call on Commodore to give them a 5 on 3? C'mon.. dude twisted himself around his stick.

* So who questioned Hitch's lines....oh yeah that was me. That's why I'm some anonymous blogger!

* The game was well in hand when the Jackets finally got their first PP but it looked as bad as we've grown accustomed to the 2 chances it got.

* I'll give myself another red b/c I don't know about any of you but I wasn't even comfortable when we went up 4-0.

* Danny Gare's daughter's boyfriend... I don't want to run into that dude in a back alley.

1. Pascal Leclaire....welcome back Pazzy... fantastic game!
2. Offense and opportunity. Jackets converted on the opportunities given and put up a season high 6 spot.
3. Bounce back. After a horrible outing against the 'yotes the Jackets bounced back in a big way.

Nice to win a game by more than a goal or two eh? The Jackets needed this one (as did we fans!). This is big confidence booster as they make their way to Minnesota for a game tomorrow night.

Its even better to do it against the Sabres...and yes, I still remember some of those obnoxious fans who were booing kids in CBJ sweaters when the Sabre bandwagon was in full effect...and yeah, we won that one too.

Not a lot of time to enjoy it....and you better believe the Jackets haven't forgotten that hose job by the stripes in last time they were in Minnesota. That should be all the motivation this squad needs to get up for that one. Time to for a little payback

For the record -- I selected 2 points in the poll. I hope they prove me wrong tomorrow night!



drew dawg said...


Any thoughts on why we saw Lalime back between the pipes in the 3rd? Could it be that the coaches thought the game was to far out of hand and didn't feel Miller deserved the L?

Mattlund said...

Anonymous hockey bloggers are the best kind.

Max said...

Can I add another red light? How about the incessant hamming in the Danny Gare business... Yes, we know you played a long time in Buffalo. We also know your jersey number is in the rafters (that image is burned into my psyche now). We missed two or three pretty big faceoffs because the producer felt we needed to gaze at Gare's jersey some more.

I liked Brassard's spunk. way to stick up for yourself. Nash looked decent. Commodore looks like a machine out there. Umberger is playing like we need him to. I love the 3rd line!

Rick said...

We now see that there is a method to Hitchs' madness. His mind works in ways that still amaze me. No more will I question what the heck he's up to. Also, for all of the people that wanted to throw Peca under the bus at the end of last season...I told you so! (ha,ha). Backman needs to sit, bring on OKT!!!

DooDooDidIt said...

Hey on all of the websites with stats from last nights game it says Umberger with two goals and Chimera with assist. Chimera tipped in the goal that Umberger had. How is that not an assist for Umberger and a goal for Chimera?

LTL said...

I noticed that too Doodoo. Its got to be a mistake in the NHL scoring system. I'm sure it will get fixed.

I hear you on the excessive Gare love last night...definite red light that got old quick.


LTL said...

I guess that pass by Umberger went off a Sabres stick and in...

We definitely got some bounces last night...for once.