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Monday, February 4, 2008

Who wants Duvie Westcott at half price?

Probably nobody.

Puck-rakers has reported though that Duvie Westcott has been put on re-entry waivers. What that means is that any of the 29 teams in the league can grab this guy at half the price; the Jacket would be on the hook for the remainder.

Wescott is making 1.1 mil this year and 1.850 over the next two. That would mean the team that gets him would owe some this year 925k over each of the next two years and we'd be on the hook for the rest. .

Personally I don't think he gets claimed even on re-entry. I also don't think this means there's another deal on the horizon because of this move.

What this does mean is that Duvie's days of a Blue Jacket are officially over. If he doesn't get claimed he'll stay with Syracuse for the rest of the year and I expect a buy out this offseason which is 75% of his remaining contract.

The fact that this move proves the organization is willing to eat 50% of this contract just reinforces that position. They are just trying to move as much of his salary off the books as they can.


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Anonymous said...

If it were just the remainder of this years salary I could see someone picking him up, but he has a lot of money and a couple of years coming to him. Too bad Maclean wasn't a GM in the league anymore, we most certainly would be able to give him to whatever team he would be screwing up next.