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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Momentum the name of the game

After what had to be an emotional 5-1 thumping of Red Wings in Detroit the Jackets look to keep the momentum going as the take the St. Louis Blues.

The Blues are just 2 points behind the Jackets in the standings while playing 3 less games. Needless to say its another important divisional game.

Keys to lightin em up

Keep pedal mashed. For whatever reason the Jackets are actually playing better on the road. I'm not even going to begin to explain why that is but its true. They've only got two wins since the All Star break and both have come on the road. The good news is that the timing is perfect considering the next 7 of 8 are on the road. The Jackets need to keep playing the way they are playing on the road and points will come.

One line team. The Blues are pretty much a one line team. Kariya-Boyes-Tkachuk. If the Jackets can slow them down then the have a good shot at collecting a big win.

PP is HOT! ...and it will need to stay hot as the Jackets hope to get some kind of streak going here. Its scored 2 PP goals each of the past two game. Tarnstrom has really given it a much needed shot in the arm and with the addition of a big body like Freddy Modin down low its helped that much more.

St. Louis on the other hand has the worst ranked PK in the league. The Jackets meanwhile have the 3rd best PK --- Jackets can't let the Blues' PP beat them.

Don't get cocky. The Blues are below them in the standings and we've seen how the Jackets play against teams below them (ahem LA & Chicago)...... the games are waaay to important to lay eggs against teams below them in the standings.


Secondary scoring. Nash & Z showed back up in Detroit. Freddy Modin is proving some desperately needed secondary scoring as well as guys like Brule (who is oh so close to turning that corner), Brassard, Peca, Murray, Malhotra, Vyborny, Fritchse and Lidstrom need to start putting some home.

Leclaire was great in Detroit and like every game he'll need to be strong again against the Blues.

Game spotlight

Sergei Fedorov makes his return to the lineup tonight. He could quite possibly being playing his final games as a Blue Jacket as he's widely believed to be dealt at the deadline. For now though the Jackets can use him to strengthen their lineup down the middle and perhaps he can even contribute some points here and there.

Jared Boll also makes his return. The Jackets have sorely missed his physical play and against a tuff opponenty in the St. Louis Blues his addition back in the lineup will most certainly be welcomed.


The Blues and Jackets typically play tight one goal games. Both team have issues putting pucks in the net and are strong defensively. The Blues lost last night to the Nashville Predators in OT while the Jackets had the night off. They won't have any excuses for not coming out hard and outworking the Blues.

Game is a 6 o'clock start. Lets see if the Jackets can use that game against the Wings as a springboard towards going on a bit of a run here.




Tom said...

As critical as we looked at the Chicago game, the Detroit game served as a counterweight. Now the pressure on the CBJ before the trade deadline is that much greater. Will they rise up or crumble? Buyers or sellers?

It's fascinating to watch a team that's pulling itself out of the cellar. It's never consistent...but you can see the signs that they are closer and closer to getting it. Question is: Will they get it fast enough?

Mary said...

What I find odd is that, in the past, after severly sucking it up for the first half of the season, they played their hearts out in February and March. Now that they have something to play FOR they are struggling to find momentum.

After watching the SL game last night I'm guessing one of two things about the Blues: they are dead tired or they are pissed. GO JACKETS!

Anonymous said...

you talk about beating teams below the jackets like the cbj are some elite team...lmfao...