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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Holy hot sauce!


Winner - Columbus Blue Jackets by a knockout

..and no that is not a misprint.

The Jackets were apparently hungry for some wings last night.

Wow. Really I still can't believe the thumping the Jackets put on the Wings in their house.

Lit it up

Scored first. I'm tellin ya, the Jackets are a completely different team when the score first. Just imagine if they didn't covert on that 5 on 3 what this game could have become....but they did score and that's what important. Even more important they finally finished off a team and didn't allow them back in the game.

Rick Nash. When from invisible man to super man last night. I know I get on 61 quite a bit but its because I know he's capable of bringing it every nigth like he did last night. The team needed a big game from their big man and he delivered last nigth with a goal and 2 assits.

Dick Tarnstrom. Seriously, how bad is this guy making our d look? In 3 games he's got 1g and 3a. He's been a much needed shot in the arm offensively on that blue line.

Powerplay. Rang up two more goals last night. It seems to be heating up at the right time.

Z. A goal and an assist.

Leclaire stopped 20 of 21 shots.

Really the team's best players were the best players last night.

Freddy Modin. Secondary scorin stepped up. Really how much different would this game look without Modin's 2 goals? He scored the 2nd and 4th goals. Both vitally important. I sure hope 33 can stay in the lineup.

Fans at Joe Lewis arena. Not just b/c we won but honestly I would rather watch a Detroit/Jackets game in Detroit than in Nationwide. Sure we got some friendly ribbing but unlike the turncoats that show up in Nationwide, the home town fans in Detroit know their hockey and aren't even close to as arrogant as what we get in the nat.

All those banners are a sight to see at the Joe. Maybe one of these days we'll have a couple hangin from the Nationwide rafters.

Anchor bar. Definitely a must stop for hockey fans. Its no R Bar but what is right?

Representin. Lots of Jackets fan at the Joe last night. Well done. Couple nods from the boys to the fans that made the trip during the pre-game skate as well - pretty cool.

Dim the light

How good is Gilbert Brule playing right now? I know he doesn't have any points to show for but dare I say it seems Brule has found his game at this level? Kid is playing some great hockey.

PK was perfect last night killing 5 of 5.

Dim the light

Unlike the last couple of games not much to bitch about. The team was not good on faceoffs only winning 41%.

It was a cold walk from the Joe to the Anchor bar (hey - had to add somethin else to this category!)

3 bright lights on the night

1. Jacket rebound - from their worst game to their best -- on the road even, who would've thunkit!
2. Rick Nash - 1g and 2a - showed up last night which was big
3. Fredrik Modin - provided some desperately needed secondary scoring

...and just like that the Jackets find themselves 2 points out of the 8th spot. They are 3 points out of 6th.

I have no idea what it is, but this team is actually playing better on the road than at home. Couldn't come at a better time as 7 of their next 8 are on the road.

Man I love beating those Wings! A game like that almosts makes up for the craptacular peformances the past two outings...almost.

St. Louis is up next tomorrow. They are another playoff bubble team that sits just 3 points behind the Jackets in the standings. The stakes only go up.



Mary said...

The win was awesome... couldn't have come at a better time as our 08-09 season ticket renewal package came in the mail today... complete with playoff ticket information!! Good thing it didn't arrive Thursday or Friday! Let's hope the Blues knock off the Preds tonight and then are too exhausted to bring it on Sunday ;-)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more on this blog. Great game. Wish I could have been there for this one too. Ex Wings fan here eversince we got our own team in CMH. As crappy as the Joe is, it does have a lot of history and I think some of the best fans when it comes to welcoming fans from other teams; Chicago be the exception on that though, but then again, it is mostly about the barking and not the biting in "Hockey Town".