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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Jackets at center of hockey universe..for one night anyway!

The Columbus Blue Jackets take on the Toronto Maple Leafs for only the 6th time in their existance. It will be only their 4th time in Toronto where they've failed to get a win going 0-2-1 in the prior 3. In fact the Jackets have only beaten Toronto once (if I recall correctly that was the Tyler Wright hat trick that won it for em).

The question now is what team will show up? I'm not even gonna begin to guess because for all we know the Jackets could come out like world beaters and make us believe, again, that they could be a playoff team. Or, they could fold like a cheap wet tent in hockey's biggest market.

You just can't tell anymore. Its been a different team since the All Star break with absolutely no identity or consistancy. Its got to drive coach Ken Hitchcock absolutely insane.

Keys to lighting em up

Play like you did in Detroit and not in St. Louis. Really its that simple.

Take advantage of Toronto's awful special teams. They are ranked 28th in both PP and PK.

One thing Toronto can do better than we can is score goals (suprise right?). They aren't barn burners but they do have 165 to our 149. Toronto may be bad defensively (3rd worst goal against in entire league) but Columbus' anemic offense can't generate anything and Toronto's does then it could be a long night.

Sundin the key. He's got 60 points in 60 games and typically if a team can contain him, they can contain the Leafs.

Don't get caught up in Toronto media circus. Hockey up there is like the Buckeyes here....tons of media members and lots of attention - even for the away team. Jackets should enjoy it but remember its all business and a big two points up for grabs.

Don't lose physical game. The Jackets got pushed around right from the get go against St. Louis...and proceeded to get beat in every facet of the game. If they play like that again tonight it will be another 'L'.

For the love of all things 6 ounces and frozen - score first tonight!!

Game spotlight

I actually thought he'd be back last game turns out I was wrong. The good news though is that Jared Boll is back tonight and boy can the Jackets use him. His physical play and wreckless style of play has been desperately missed.


I won't bore you with the playoff picture or how many points back we are or any of that this time....the bottom line is the Jackets need to win...and keep winning...if they do that consistantly, they'll find themselves in the playoffs.

Big *if* though.



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Bethany said...

They need to win cuz I hate the Leafs.