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Thursday, February 7, 2008

4 Jackets listed as trade bait on

There are lots of these types of articles popping up all around hockey web sites but I really respect Kevin Allen of as a hockey journalist and more times than not this guy knows what he's talking about.

Today he listed his whom may be available come the Feb 26th trade deadline. He's actually got 4 Jackets listed:

With 19 days to go before the Feb. 26 trade deadline, team executives keep repeating that they are waiting for the first domino to fall. The presumption is that once the first rental player is traded — establishing this year's spring rental rates — several others could be dealt in quick succession.

But that might not happen because the NHL races are so tight that several teams can't figure out whether they are playoff teams or sellers. The St. Louis Blues, Columbus Blue Jackets, Atlanta Thrashers and New York Islanders would seem to fall in that category, and those teams have players who could be viewed as prime rental properties because they will be unrestricted free agents this summer.

4. Adam Foote (Columbus): This is a difficult read because talks are ongoing and Scott Howson is a first-year general manager with no track record for these situations. Foote, a gritty veteran shutdown defender could be a difference maker in a playoff series.

10. Michael Peca (Columbus): If the Blue Jackets decide to trade him, he would be highly coveted. He's the kind of gritty playoff performer that every coach desires.

11. Sergei Fedorov (Columbus): He can skate, and he can play a puck possession game. He's a defensively smart player with plenty of playoff experience from his Detroit days.

14. Ron Hainsey (Columbus): Still possible he could re-sign with Columbus. He's a puck-moving defenseman who seems to just be coming into his own.

Pretty solid list although I would add David Vyborny in there.

For starters I think Fedorov is dealt regardless of the Jackets situation, i.e whether they are in the playoff hunt or not. If played right Howson could get a decent windfall for a Fedorov rental - I think at worst a late 1st round pick, maybe more. I think Howson would actually hold out for a roster player that is part of our future. Teams get desperate and as some of the bigger dominos start to fall like Hossa and Sundin, teams will look this direction ready to deal. 100% chance he's deal.

The others are a little tricky. Puck-rakers today reported that the initial meeting between GM Scott Howson and Adam Foote went well. No numbers were apparently discussed but all signs point to Foote wanting to stay and the Jackets wanting to retain him. The question then becomes for how long and how much? He's another guy who could get a good return - possibly a late first rounder or a decent prospect plus 2nd round pick - maybe even a roster player. I give Foote a 50/50 shot of staying a Jacket -- if a deal is not reached by the deadline I think he's dealt.

Michael Peca is another interesting possibility. He's hasn't won a cup and I would guess that if the Jackets are still a bubble team he gets dealt to a contender and he'll have some input. I wouldn't expect more than a 2nd round draft pick for his rental. 75% chance he's dealt.

Ron Hainsey. Here's a guy that could be attractive and is a guy I don't think is in the long term future of this team. Before the Tarnstrom deal I would have said no chance he gets dealt b/c then we wouldn't have anyone beside young Russell to run our with the Tarnstrom acquisition I can see this as a possibility but still not likely. I give it 25%. I think its more likely he walks at the end of the year as a UFA as the Jackets look to upgrade their puck-moving defensemen via trade.

David Vyborny. I gotta believe he's dealt for anything at this point. This guy is clearly not in any future plans with the club and just doesn't seem to fit a Hitch style team. I think he returns anywhere from a 2nd to 3rd round pick. I give it an 80% chance he's dealt.

Anyway you slice it I see the Jackets as a major player as the deadline approaches both as buyers and sellers. It really just depends on who offers what for whom.


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