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Friday, February 8, 2008

Jackets stop the bleeding

They hung on in the 3rd...but the Jackets ended their 4 game losing streak with a hard fought 2-1 victory of the Phoenix Coyotes.
It was a big two points that brought the Jackets within 3 points of that final playoff position.

Z and Chimera with the goals but it was Freddy Norrena who proved to be the difference maker last night stopping 26 of 27 shots including some of those "game saving" stops that have been lacking from him recently.

Unfortunately for the Jackets OK Tollefesen received a cheap shot as he was making his way over to stand up for teammate Rick Nash who was boarded. Reports say Tollefsen suffered a concussion -- hate to see that as when you get one, its a lot easier to get them the remainder of your career.

Lit it up

Jackets regain swagger. They got the goaltending...the got the team defense...this is the kind of win we are used to seeing from this team...even though its about my 26th or so near heart-attack this season.

Freddy Norrena. Was BIG back there tonight. He got called out by just about everyone and he answered the bell with a very strong performance between the pipes. He was the difference for the Jackets last night.

Foote & Hejda. Played some bit time minutes and really were the backbone of this team. Foote played over 28 minutes, 6 blocked shots and was a +1. Hejda played over 25 minutes was a +1 with 2 blocked shots.

Chimera. We should sign this guy to new contracts before every game. I think last night was his best game EVERY as a Blue Jackets. He scored a short handed goal and was just dominant with the the play well, made tape to tape passes, used his body.... well done Chims!

WE NOW HAVE 3 10 GOAL SCORERS! WHOO! (of course we were the last team to do so)...

Dim the light

Thought Nash played another solid game last night. Drove the net well and was incredible on the PK. He led all forward with over 20 minutes of ice time and had 7 shots.

Jiri Novotny. Does this guy ever not hit? They may not be the highlight reel type hits but he's always using his body out there. He takes hits as well as he gives. He collected an assist...this guy deserves a goal for all the work he puts in out there.

Andrew Murray. I think its safe to say Hitch likes this guy..and why shouldn't he? The 26 year old is very reliable in all 3 zones..wins most battles along the boards and is just a smart player. He saw a career high 14+ minutes of playing time. That will only increase if he keeps playing like he did last night.

Kirs Russell... if only just to highlight the rush he made down the ice where he deaked a defensemen... this kid will be a real impact guy in the next year or two!

Gilbert Brule. Had a couple of real nice shifts and then was an absolute wreck on one.. in fact didn't see him again the ice after that. So I guess he is a boarderline busted bulb.

PP -- hey, they got a 5 on 3 goal.... its a start.

PK -- allowed one but came up big in the 3rd..especially in the final minute.

Busted bulbs

The Jackets have got to start having that killer instinct. To many lost opportunities to go up by 3 in this game. The Jackets are making it harder on themselves.

Weller. Sucker punch to Tollefsen. I understand Weller's reaction a bit but damn...let the guy get his friggan gloves off and have a fair fight... that dude did look like a man among boys out there -- he tollsed Fritsche aside like a wet sack of sh**. Anyhow -- thanks to Weller the Jackets got the last laugh with the 2 points.
Tollefsen out with a concussion.

Refs. You go a few games with some good reffing and then you get bozos like last night who called guys for tripping even though the guy trip over his own players broken stick..... then to call Boll for that with a little minute left in a 1 goal game... whatever..
Broadcast bief. What was FSN Ohio thinkin running that promo with 16 left... by the time they got back to the game we had missed 7 or 8 seconds. Wake up FSN...totally bush league and quite frankly unnacceptable.

3 bright lights on the night
1. Freddy Norrena - stopped 26 of 27 and was the biggest reason for the Jackets win
2. Team defense - team got back to playing the type of game they need to win
3. Jason Chimera - short handed goal and played his best game of the year

Next up those San Jose Sharks. Will have some pre-game thoughts later today.


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