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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Live Trade Deadline bloggin

Update: TSN now reporting CBJ are done. So looks like it was only Foote and Feds who were sold off.

Update: Gotta admit I thought we'd sell off more pieces. Its 10 to 4:00 so there is still a bit of time. Perhaps no one wanted Vyborny? I thought at the very least he'd be dealt.

Also Derick Brassard has been sent down. I guess our lineup will look something like this tomorrow night if nothing else happens:

Nash Vyborny Modin
Chimera Peca Zherdev
Brule Novotny Fritsche
Boll Malhotra Murray

Klesla Hejda
Hainsey Tollefsen
Transtrom Russell


Can that group continue the push? Hitch has his work cut out for him.

Update: Whoa.. a fleury of late trades just being announced. The biggest being that the Rangers have finally dealt Al Montoya to the Coyotes of all places. In return the Rags got a bunch of grinders in Sjostrom and Gratton and a goalie in Leneveu.

Also apparently Foote was just interviewed by CBC (god know our pathetic sports stations couldn't lift a microphone (1460 is a absolute JOKE) and was stunned by the trade. He may see it as being only 500k apart but I firmly believe the organization budged to move up to 3.5 and he stood pat at 4 mil. This one is not on Howson IMO. If Foote wanted to stay he would have comprimised as well.

Getting a 1st rounder for him was a bit of a steal for Howson though - very pleased with that return. Hopefully it is used as a chip for a player this offseason.

Update: There are a couple of incoming late deals but nothing with the CBJ as of yet. Detroit was pretty quite but picked up Brad Stuart for a 2nd and 4th. Chris Simon is out on the Island going to Minnesota -- how many tough guys does that team need? Jeesh.

All in all I thought the deadline this year has been the quietest in years. We are one of the few teams who actually got a 1st round pick in return for a player. Atlanta (Hossa) and Buffalo (Campbell) being the other two.

Update: 3:00 p.m. passes so the deadline is up. Will be very interesting to see if Howson sits on Vyborny/Peca/Hainsey/Hejda. We'll know in about an hour for sure.

Update: Atlanta god Angelo Esposito, a 1st round pick, Erick Christensen and Colby Armstrong. That's a pretty good haul by Don Waddell.

As they say though the team that gets the best player in the deal usually wins it.

Update: Apparently Marian Hossa has been dealt to Pittsburgh. Sportsnet says Colby Armstrong going the other way. God Pittsburgh is going to be sick.

What makes me sick is that Pittsburgh has been worse than us and now is better than us. Meanwhile we are where we are. Uggh.

Update: 10 minutes to go. Remember though that trades can filter in have been annoucned as much as 2 hours after the deadline the past. So just b/c the clock strikes 3 does not neccessarily mean the deals are done.

I expect one or two more Jackets to be dealt before this thing wraps up.

Update: Looks like the Jackets get a 4th round pick if Foote resigns with the Avs. Puck-rakers is hearing rumbling about Patrick Marleau but I would be absolutely shocked if he's brought into the fold before the deadline. Perhaps after but very doubtfull it happens now but the trade deadline can be crazy like that.

Maybe Colorado's 1st plus Brule?

Ahhh.....don't get me started.

Update: Is there any quesiton now where Adam Foote's heart was the entire time he was in Columbus? It may sting a bit short term but it could also be a benefit in disguise as now guys like Nash, Klesla, Z, Leclaire will have to step in and fill some leadership roles.

Another question is what does Hitch do now with the captaincy? My guess is he just goes with "A's" the rest of the year and then Nash gets the C this offseason. Its now his team - nothing to dispute it.

Update: So the question now is if the firesale over? Will Peca, Hainsey or Vyborny get dealt?

What is Hitch thinkin right now? The Jackets were 1 point behind the Avalanche in the standings and they added 4 players while we have subtracted two. The Avalanche have played just 1 more game than the Jackets. Coach can't be happy right about now as he's left to clean up this mess.

Update: Looks like no matter what the Jackets get a 1st round pick for Foote - here is what TSN is saying is the "conditional" part:

If Avs make 2008 playoffs: 2008 first rounder.
If not: 2009 first rounder.

That is a good return for Foote considering the only team Foote would waive his NTC was Colorado. Wouldn't it be something if the Jackets knocked the Avalanche out of the playoffs? I'd wait a year for the their 1st rounder as long as it was us who got it in :) 2008 draft is supposed to be the best in quite some time though.

Update: Foote returned according to a conditional 1st round draft pick and conditional pick on Foote re-signing with Colorado. Be interesting to hear what this "conditional" stuff is all about in terms of the 1st. Feds returned a prospect by the name of Ted Ruth -- he's ranked 12th on Washington's list... very dissappointed with that return -- I think SH could have done better - but perhaps addition by subtraction.

Next up is Vyborny and Peca. Figure they are next to go during this firesale.

Update: Doug MacLean on prospect saying he's surprised by the sell off b/c they have been playing so well. Says Columbus has been preaching non-stop that they are trying to make the playoffs -- give me a break. Hello people -- once Columbus lost on Richards they went into a sell mode -- plain and simple. I think some of these guys were gone regardless if Columbus landed Richards. MacLean now saying Fedorov helped Zherdev - BULLSHIT! This guy knows no shame.

Update: Apparently Howson got back a propsect for Fedorov. Still trying to figure out who it is -- some Notre Dame prospect.

Update: The sell off continues. Now being reported that Fedorov has been traded to the Washington Capitals. Not sure the return yet. Also still waiting confirmation that Foote returned a 1st round pick.

Update: TSN reporting that Foote got a 1st round pick. If that is the case, then that is a good haul for him. It can be traded later the offseason for a roster player near the draft.

Update: The sell off has begun. Foote to Colorado. I'm sure for just a draft pick but waiting to see what round. Probably a lot less than what we hoped since he basically killed his trade value by limiting his option to only Colorado.

Update: Colorado just picked up Ruslan Salei from Florida for Skrastins and a 3rd round pick. What does that mean - well if Colorado is Foote's only city he will waive to go to and they just added a defensemen like Salei I don't see Howson being able to move him.

Update: Chicago makes a move and trades Tuomo Ruttue to Carolina for Andrew Ladd. Remember the Jackets had a chance to take Ladd but traded down to take Alexandre Picard. I really like Ruutu and think the 'canes get the better end of this deal. I think Chicago does okay though -- both pretty comparable players. Change of scenery could help both guys.

Howson gonna do anything? Feds/Foote/Vybes/Hainsey/Hejda all still CBJs.

Update: So the official return for Richards was Mike Smith, Jussi Jokinen and Jeff Halpren. Again the key here is that Howson was correctly right in not wanting to move Leclaire or Mason and without a goaltending compenent the Jackets lost out. Down the road if Mason does develop and Leclaire keeps up this play perhaps the Jackets will find themselves in a position to deal one off for major help. For now though Columbus cannot afford to sacrafice goaltending depth -- its to important - just look no futher than what Leclaire has done for us this season for an example.

Update: Buffalo gets Steve Bernier and a 1st round pick. Not a bad a return. I'd have to think Foote could get a 1st round pick back but if Colorado is his only option then the Jackets will have absolutely no leverage.

Update: So far no moves on the Jackets front but a couple of big dominos have fallen. Campbell to San Jose; Richards to Dallas; Prospal to Philly.

Where does that leave the Jackets? Its been reported that Foote will only waive his NTC to go to Colorado. If that is true then this day is really shaping up to be bad news for the Jackets. They can still move Fedorov, Vyborny, Hainsey, Peca or Hejda but Foote is a big piece and if he's not in the future plans and we can't get anything back for him then this day will be a dissapointment.

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