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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stat of the day

I hate to say it but it may be time to start draft watching.

As of right now the Jackets are tied for the 8th worst team in the league having played more games than just about everyone else:

From worst on:

1. Los Angeles 62 53
2. Tampa Bay 60 57
3. Edmonton 61 59
3. Toronto 61 59
5. Florida 62 60
6. Chicago 60 62
6. Atlanta 61 62
8. Columbus 62 63
8. Washington 61 63

As you can see the Jackets have more games played than everyone in that list besides LA.

The worst 5 teams get a shot at the #1 overall pick. The latest ISS rankings can be found here.

The first tier is said to be about 7 players deep.

Man I hate talking draft instead of playoffs but reality is reality.


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