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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Live bloggin

BIG BIG BIG two points in the standing... Jackets move to 26-23-7 and within 3 poitns of final playoff spot. the Jackets have to make every damn game so close? Norrena the man tonight.... Very good road win but the Jackets have got to start learning to put teams away when they are down.

*puts oxygen back away*


3...2.....1.....JACKETS WIN!!!

Cbus with timeout... 16 seconds left...

20 seconds left.. NORRENA AGAIN WITH BIG GLOVE SAVE!! WOW!!!! He's come to play tonight..

Jackets can go for empty net here with no icing..

Jackets PK on the hook again.. Byrzgalov out of net.. NORRENA BIG TIME SAVE...

Apparently calling him for getting a hand on him... still very boardline call...

You've got to be absolutely sh***g me... Boll gets called for a penalty for absolutely NOTHING!! that after Novotny about got his head rammed throught he boards earlier... what a joke.. aboslute JOKE...

Klesla saves a goal there with his quick stick... very underrated play... but HUGE..!! 2 minutes to go

Norrena slams door again..

Boll hard hit on Doan.. Doan hard hit on Hejda... 3 minutes to go... oxygen time.

Man.. there was the Jackets chance to seal it... 2 on 1 break with Nash and Manny.. Nash got off two chances.. Byrzgalov there.. that could come back to haunt us..

Man Murray has played well.. Hitch keeps sendin him out to at critical moments in the game..

Game pretty much a neutral zone stalemate at this point.. Jackets cloggin up the neutral zone really well wiating for turnovers and the 'yotes to press..

Nice D there by Klesla.. covered up nicely for Russell..

Jackets on their heels again.. second icing in the last couple of minutes..

Doan is one thick dude.. just put Hejda right on his butt as Hejda went to hit him.. Hejda isn't a small guy either..

Jackets can't hit the net tonight.. Norrena another big save.. he's definitely on his game tonight..

Dirty stuff has really chilled since the first period.. thought this one might get real ugly but it hasn't.. probably mostly due to the fact that this game is still in doubt..

Brule getting rewarded with extra time and then is complete mess on that shift.. mishandling pucks, got beat defensively.. yuck..

Norrena HUGE there... big stop on Vrbata... friggan broken sticks everywhere.. that was a "big game saving stop"...

Whaddya know.. another Hainsey shot blocked... this guy has to lead the league in shots that get blocked.. Hainsey breaks his stick... leads to a penalty on Vyborny b/c the dude tripped over his broken stick.. of course it was the ref from all the way on the other side of the rink who called it -- not the ref who was right there... *shakes head*

Brule with a couple more shots... keep firing em Brule.. looking better than I've seen you most of the year tonight.. and he just drew a penalty... there ya go!

Murray seeing quite a bit of ice time.. earning Hitch's trust..

Don't like the way Norrena handled that long shot... c'mon Freddy.. stay focused.. nice hit Footer!
Good two road periods by the Jackets... 20 minute game now... need an inusrance goal here..


During this intermission I read this statement from GM Scott Howson -- if you haven't checked it out yet, be sure. He talks about the Tarnstrom and Shelley moves also about his plans for the deadline in general terms.

This game sure feels like a re-run of the Capitals game.. remember the Jackets went up 2-0...the Capitals got one in the 2nd and ended up winning the game 4-3 in OT? Lets hope this is a new episode *crosses fingers*

Shots now 26 to 16 Jackets.


There you go Brule... that was a good play by that line and subsequent shot by Brule..

Seriously.. who is this guy int he 25 jersey.. he's playing friggan lights out tonight... making all the right plays..

Nice play there by Murray to get that one out.. Phoenix is comin again...

So much for the PP.. Nash with an interference call.. Jackets are shooting themselves with all these penalties.. uggh

Fritsche drives the net and draws a penalty.. nice feed by Nasher to him there... need to get somethin out of this PP..

Maybe Howson should have signed Chimera earlier.. he's playing great hockey out there... pressure is off so...

Jackets play with fire and finally got burned... Andrew Murray got used pretty badly on that PK... so did Foote.. .. Phoenix back in it..

Jackets doing a good job of getting to lose pucks in front of Norrena and getting clears..

Ole Great One droppin some f-bombs on the bench... Gretzky always looks bloated or like he's got to burb... I just want to pat him on the back and help him get some relief..

CRAP... another friggan hooking penalty on the Jackets.. there is that Phoenix transition.. oh..that was a terrible call on Hejda..all he did was lift his damn stick...

Russell showing the flashes there.. he was flying.. nice move.. just shot it wide.. kid has got the wheels though.. .amazing skater..

Man.. their beer guys get to sell the coldies in the stands..

Nice pressure here by the Jackets...

Jackets bread gets buttered again.. kills off another penalty..

Oh man.. Hejda saw Nash just a little too late there.. 61 still made it into a nice chance..

Another penalty on the Jackets... Norrena another good save.. looks focused tonight... sucks b/c the Jackets were controllilng the play... Phoenix can really break out on the rush and get you on your heels...

Tollefsen out for game.. I hate to say it but he's probably got a concussion...

Z dancing... just makes guys look silly... stickhandling in a phone booth..

Norrena playing well this period.. couple of key saves...

DAMN IT! Boll with a breakaway out of the box.. made a nice move to try for 5 hole but Brygalov gets a piece of it.. man would that have stung Phoenix..

Oh man.. Chimera.. got to get that one out.. can't make that turnover on the PK..

Norrena alert there.. tricky defelection.. Marc Denis would have let that one in..

Boll with a slashing call... #3 PK up.. can't let the 'yotes back in this one. Bad penalty by Boller there..

Here we go... lets see if the Jackets can keep the momentum on their side and notch 1 or 2 here.. all go on record as saying the next goal scored will be the team that ultimately wins this one..


Shots: 12 to 5 CBJ. Of course that was helped by 7 minutes of PP time. Phoenix started to come on strong towards the end there though.

This team now has 3 10 goal scorers....the last team in the league to do so. Nash, Zherdev and now Chimera.


Haha.. Jared Boll.. how can you not love this kid! Gettin under the skin of the 'yotes and had a few choice words there... somethin like "Go *beep* yourself!"... I think it was to the Great One no less.. this kid is too much..

Brygalov not lookin all that sharp.. Jacket need to keep throwin the trojans at him (that's rubber for the lamen - okay, bad joke!)

'Yotes controlling the momentum of this game now.. Jackets have to stick to game plan.. if they can get this next one this game could be blown wide open.. 'yotes get the next one and momentum really changes..

Murray does such a good job along the wall... definitely got to be a big reason why Hitch likes this kid..

Is Joakim Lidstrom playing tonight? Haven't seen him out there yet... and just as I say it he's out there..nm..

Man I love the look of the Jackets new jerseys in HD. Wish FSN Ohio would telecast all these game in HD!!

Ouch.. Z with a horrible turnover there.. but Jackets escape..

A little 4 on 4 play here as Manny of all people got a roughing major with Ballard.. this has got the making of a long physical one.. could get real ugly if the score gets out of hand...

Klesla rings one off the post.. would have been nice to go up 3.. Jackets can't sit on 2.. we've seen what happens when they do that *cough* Washington *cough*

Friggan 'yotes got a burr up there ass this game. Jackets need to stay composed and make them pay where it counts - on the score board.

Jackets on 2 man advantage now -- catch a big break off a Hainsey blocked shot goes right to see whose got a wide open net. Nice to see the Jackets convert on a 2 man advantage and make the 'yotes pay.

Chimera with a great short handed goal!

A little late on this one...but did catch that crap with Weller sucker punching Tollefsen - a much deserved 5 minute major.... a punch like that can end a career - hope Tollefsen is okay.


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