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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ovechkin scores two as Caps rally to beat Jackets in OT; Leclaire injured

There he was...the leading goal scorer in the NHL...left W-I-D-E open in OT....well it should come as no surprise to us that Alexander Ovechkin burried that chance that capped off a rally from 2 goals down and sealed two points for the Washington Capitals.

How the Jackets leave a guy like that wide open is beyond me. I've been to 7-11s that aren't that open.

Lit it up

Nash shows up. I thought about putting him in the "dim the light" section b/c of his breakdown on the OT goal (he should have been covering Ovechkin) but this guy did play much better last night. His play and subsequent goal on the 5-3 was nothing short of spectacular. What I liked more was that he was finally driving to the net again and getting physical out there.

Leclaire. Was razor sharp while he was in. Stiopped 23 of 24 shots including some of the spectacular variety. Unfortunately he'll also make an appearance in the "busted bulbs" section.

Jared Boll's hit on Brashear = AWESOME! Seriously, this kid play with no fear. To take a big man like Brashear down like he did was pure art -- I'm talkin Picasso here!

Jason Chimear. Got the goal but played one of his stronger games of the year in all 3 zones.

Of course I've got to give a nod to Ovechkin here. I know the Jackets lost but its hard not to like this guy. He just "gets it". He was the last player off the ice in pre-game skate.....he was giving pucks to kids....stayed after the game was over to sign autographs...and this dude is just unstoppable on the ice. I mean really, what an awesome awesome talent. A treat to watch. He is just one of those rare players we should all enjoy no matter whom he plays against b/c they just don't come around very often.

Dim the light

Jackets PK was strong killing off almost a full two minutes of 5 on 3 play. The PK continues to do its job.

Strong Tuesday crowd on hand. The atmosphere was great last night. That first goal by Nash really had that place jumpin.

David Steckel, who played for the OSU Hockey Buckeys for 4 years, had a warm reception and definitely held his own for the Caps out there. Always fun to see a former hockey Buckeye carve out a space for himself in the NHL....and there is nothing like having a beer or three with "Steckel's dad" -- as my buddies and I call him.

The Captials are good. They are big, strong, fast and skilled. I look at their lineup and think "where are all our good young skilled guys?" -- we've been as bad or worse than they have been but we don't seem to have alot to show for it. Answer -- Doug MacLean has funadmentally built this team wrong and its just now being fixed but that another discussion for another day.

Didn't see much out of Z last night. Was kind of quiet which was a bit surprising considering 8 was in town. He did get a nice jab to the face of Ovechkin though.

Busted bulbs

No killer instict. The Jackets had a chance to really put this game away after they got up by 2 but failed to score on an extended 5 on 3. That allowed the Capitals to climb back in it.

Defensive breakdowns. Of course we all know the OT but what about Semin's goal....where in the hell was the coverage there? That's the kind of play this team was not making prior to the All Star break.

Of course Leclaire's inury. I don't need to explain much more... I think we all know the impact of this guy getting hurt. We can only hope its just a few games.

Freddy Norrena. Allowed 3 goals on 12 shots. Hitch is right, this guy looks nothing like he did last year.

Retaliation. How the Jackets don't respond to Laing running our goalie is a fundamental problem with this team. I know they got a PP out of it, but I think later in the game somebody has to make a statement. I would have like to have seen Hitch put Boll out there for a shift against this guy but didn't happen.

Brassard, Brule, Hainsey, Malhotra -- all looked intimidated by the Caps forecheck, skill, size and speed. They played scared.

Haisney was just downright horrible last night. No other way to slice it.

Peca has got to score on that chance with an open net. He's got to burry it.

Reffing. Thanks for the assist on the Nash goal but if I'm a Caps fan I'm absolutely irate. What in the hell was that guy doing in the middle of the ice anyways? McCleary was also whistle happy. How do you call Foote for that penalty on Ovechkin -- if anything that needs to be a coincidental call.

Did David Vyborny play last night?

3 bright lights on the night
1. Rick Nash - gets the first 5 on 3 shorty in CBJ history and has a realatively strong all around game
2. Boll's hit on Brashear - pure art!
3. Ovechkin - this guy is somethin special

The Jackets fall to 25-23-7. They've lost their last 4 games including 3 at home. Anybody out there still thinking playoffs at this point? Especially with the next 7 of 9 on the road and our best player in Pascal Leclaire is out of the lineup?

Expect Steve Mason to be called up on emergency basis until Leclaire is back.

This team could go into sell mode any day now.

Next up the Coyotes on the road on Thursday.


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