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Friday, February 29, 2008

Live bloggin - aftershock edition

HELL YES! .....night all!!

How absolutely HUGE is this win? Especially after all that transpired at the deadline? I'm tellin ya it may be the biggest win of the year....this team was so fragile....seemed so defeated against San Jose.... a win like this should get them right back on track... and it was a FULL team effort... everyone contributed tonight...

That goal seem to just come out of nowhere... I'm tellin ya... Chimera scores his best goals when he's got no time to think about it!! Sweet sweet feed by Z.... nice to see some secondary scoring step up tonight...


HOLY SHIT!! WE WIN!!! CHIMERA FINALLY WITH GOAL!!!! Nice dish by Z... my oh my oh my oh my.... what a comeback boys!!!! what a comeback!!!!


3 point game but at this point I'm just estatic the boys came back from 2 down to tie this thing up and force OT... that is a BIG BIG deal right now for this squad and should be a real confidence booster... guys are even smiling a bit on the bench...


Manny awesome in the circle tonight... he's had some big wins..

1 minute to go... Nash great job along the board in the defensive zone.. then getting into the o-zone and getting to that net... great 3rd by the monster..

D doing a good job keeping pucks in the zone... especially Tarnstrom.. Hainsey even doing some of it...

Faceoff won.. those little battles within a game can be all the difference..

Icing here.. withe Cans point shot this is a big faceoffs... can't let them get those rockets off...

Gonna say it now.. win or lose I'm proud of these way the team has played tonight...

3 mins to go in regulation..

Nice shift by Modin and Fritsche there... Hainsey even throwing the body around...

This Sedin line is scaring the shit out of me... Brule sighting..

Jackets keeping pressure on.. be smart boys and stay out of the box...

Not much Brule now... thought he was playing okay but Hitch goin with short bench down the stretch..

Now the Jackets are turning up heat a bit... couple of good chances... can't take any more penalties.. Cans PP is due... c'mon boys!!

Finally we get a clear... Jackets kill PK...

Leclaire there again... the Cans kill you from their points... so many hard shots and rebounds... that was a fantastic save by Leclaire... possible game saver..

Jackets catch another break... wavied off goal due to high stick.. good call there... that was definitely over the net... man.. Jackets living on the edge..

Leclaire with a nice save on the point that time... need some big face off wins here to clear the zone..

God.... Tarnstrom with a holding penalty.. my god.. that happens every play out there... Jackets PK needs to come up big here... oxygen time..

Are they calling that a goal? Jackets catch a break there.... Hainsey saves a goal.. actually that was going wide anyways... nice effort by both Leclaire and Hainsey... Jackets have to keep the pressure on..

Congrats to Nasher on his 150th...

I think they've got some editing to do on the "Carry the Flag" commerical... ole 52's mug is still dead center... time to "de-lete"..

Tarnstrom playing great but made a bad pass there that led to a 2 on 1.. Jackets survive... friggan Cans tried to take out Leclaire in the process... Chims gaving him a nice face wash for his efforts...

I haven't seen Nash all game but he's there when the team needed him there... whoooo! now stay in it Jackets.. keep the pressure on... so much for my game over prediction... haha..


Murray gets the goal... looks lik the Jackets may be going to the PP.... crap.. now Manny in the box too... I think Hitch just something along the lines of plucking bullsmits... they must have got Manny for some retaliation.. didn't show it on TV but Hitch is fired up..

SCORE!! Finally... so much for my shutout prediction.... got that nice deflected tip in.. Tarnstrom who has been great tonight.. I think he'll get credit for that one.... tons of traffic in front of Luongo.. EXACTLY what the Jackets need to do...

Rimmer sounds under the weather but he getting through it.. Vybes back out there..

Just when I was saying 13 playing well he can't receive two simple passes..

Z much better jump tonight... gets a nice one on net.. Luongo there... need a tip in or rebound goal here... would like nothing better than a dirty goal.. .

Vybes takes a shot... barely gets off the ice.. doesn't look good...

Whelp.. like a car wreck you just have to watch... maybe the Jackets will surprise us here in the 3rd... Jackets just got lucky there with H. Sedin missed the net and had Leclaire down and out...


Klesla now up to 17:53 seconds and leads all players in ince time... playing real solid...

To come out of that period with not only not scoring but to give up one when you dominated it is just killer.... I'll call it now.. Luongo is going to get his 2nd shutout aginst the Jackets this season...
Shots: Jackets 21 Cans 14


Jackets again playing well and getting pressure...but not a lot of quality chances... offense is as dry as the desert..

Tollefsen in a scrap.. hangin in there.. trading some serious blows... someone tried to take a run at Fritsche and 55 stood in there... love to see the boys still being competitive out there... those fights are exhausting just to watch.. just imagine being in one.. definitely a man's game out there..
You know one thing you hardly ever see our two big guns do is wind up for slapshots.. honestly, how ofter does Nash hit a one timer.. or Z for that matter? Modin just ripped on there..he can do it.. just an observation though..

That goal just sucked every last bit of momentum out of the Jackets...

CHRIST! ...and there is the back breaker....bad goal by from Salo from the point..he's near the blueline when he unloads that... Leclaire HAS to stop that puck... but this offense also HAS to score for once... I hate to say it but game over...

Jacket kill PK... Z with great rush... still can't put any past Luongo... man this offense sucks.. which sucks b/c they are playing so well his period..

Tolly clearing the net... game getting scruffy..

Leclaire strong there.. Jackets killing them in shots but you just get that feeling the puck is gonna bounce for the 'nucks and right into our net..

Luongo looks to be okay... good to see... deserved penatly on 40.. got to be smarter than that..

Boll runs Luongo...this game is gonna get real chippy now... Luongo could be hurt...

Oh man.. Fritsche drops em again... and just belts Bieska... wow!! Where did that come from 49? ...he's certainly not known to drop the mits... but dude is showing he can handle himself this season

Real good pressure on the PP by Z line.. good shots from the point...1 min to go... this dude has had the best looks of the night for the Jackets.. can't put any home...

Jackets back on the PP.... c'mon boys lets get one here!!

Kelsla blocks a shot... wins a battle in the corner.. playin well thus far..

Tell yeah.. Jackets are skating hard tonight.. great to see... everybody has their legs a little scrum here.. Boll right in there.. but Fritsche doin a good job standing up for teammates as well..

Jackets with some nice energy to come here in the 2nd... need a goal boys!!

Is it just me or is Vancouvers crowd is real quite tonight...

Just got a reminder from Rimgare that Shannon got his 3rd of the year....of course their 4th line scores on us... ughhh..


Klesla led all Jackets with ice time that period with 8:40 seconds.

Shots: Cans 6 Jackets 5

Nice first period by Tarnstrom.. not bad either from the callups Rome and MacKenzie.. get that feeling though, again, that the Jackets are going to have a real hard time scoring...


Jackets really need this next goal....would be a huge boost.. they aren't playing too bad though.

Another good shift by the Nash-Peca-Brule line....boys have to keep the pressure on..

Decent shift after giving up goal...but a lot of corner play and possesion in the o-zone...nothing real quality in front of the cage though..

Whelp... terrible...HORRIBLE turnover by Modin leads to Vancouver getting a rush and catching the Jackets way out of position... 5 hole goal... Modin has to be smarter than that.. that first goal is usually a killer for this team..

MacKenzie makes up for his penalty by drawing one... bad penalty by the Cans to take in the offensive zone... of course I'll take it.. how big would a goal be here?

Canucks definitely throwing their weight around early.. Rome, making his CBJ debut, looks a little nervous out there with some off passes...only his 2nd NHL game.. he'll calm down..

Good kill after that waived off goal.. Chims with a trojan on net... keep firing em..

No penalty but they waive off the goal? I don't get it... if its interference it should be a penalty... oh well, I'll take the waived off goal..

There ya go Klesla...nice clear on the PK... Canucks close.. using their points very well... they score.....wait, wait... waived off... not sure why? Do the Jackets actually catch a break? Yes they do.. Naslund bumps Leclaire... I can't believe it... Jackets finally get a call...

Nice hit by Tolly...somehow Kelser gets away with a trip... that would have definitely been called if we pulled that.. and speaking of MacKenzie just got a damn tripping penalty... oh Jackets...

Have I mentioned I hate West coast least no work tomorrow..c'mon boys make it worth us staying up tonight..!

Decent jump by the boys to start here...still real early obviously...

Zherdev already looks to be skating better than he did on Wed at home.. good sign.

Whelp...Peca with a penalty..seems to be a normal thing for him lately. If Vancouver scores here we could be in for a long - Kesler takes a penalty so we are 4 on 4... score first Jackets...puh-leeeease!

Here we go. Lets see what Jackets team shows up tonight.


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