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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Live bloggin

Night all.. I have to blow off some steam after this crapfeast..

How can you call everything....and I mean everything little tick tacky thing through the first two periods and then call absolutely nothing in the 3rd...? How are these players supposed to play... NHL should be ashamed of this debacle....


Russell completely upended and flippped -- no call... god damn joke... these refs should be shitcanned right after this game...

You've got to be sh***** me... Nashville scores with 1:45 left... why can't the Jackets beat this team.. *slams head onto keyboard*

OH BOLL!!! so so close... dude has been a difference maker out there even without a point..

Russell with no stick... Jackets hemmed in.. Tootoo scores.... of course Boll taken down just before that and no penalty... apparently the refs swallowed their whistles during the second intermission..

OH YEAH BABY!!! Z firing biscuits all night... Novotny collects the rebound.. another dirty goal and I love it!!! Jackets up 3-2 with just over 5 to go... keep pouring it on boys..

Beech is gonna be seeing that chance in his sleep... man.. could have and should have buried that one... Mason came up big there for the Preds..

Boll with another great chance... Norrena with another solid save... 6 minutes to go.. .lets hope its not a repeat of the last Nashville game with them scoring late... how bout a reversal of that!

Great D there by Hainsey.. he's having a pretty good night.. other than not getting shots through.. good chance there for Glenx.. Mason with a good save...

Friggan Boll.. awesome.. guy doesn't stop and actually had a really good chance he created there for himself...

Jackets need to crank it up a notch.. .Preds got em hemmed in pretty good..

Feds with a horrible turnover there.. wake up 91.. Norrena saves his skin..

Apparently Tootoo has a free pass tonight to do whatever in the hell he pleases... nice to see the Jackets respond... Z and Novonty both with solid hits...

They just showed the replay of the hit on Hejda... how in the absolute hell is that not a penalty... incredible... the refs should just strap on clown outfits and join and circus...

Slash on Novotny uncalled... joke.. .these refs are friggan joke tonight.. what was a call in the first no longer is one now..

What the f***? Tootoo with an blindsided hit on puck any where close to him... re-god-damn-diculous..

Also..forgot to note.. Vybes got credited with what was thought was a Hainsey goal.. cool of Hainsey to say that went off him... he'll still collect his second assist..

Oh..Jackets got away with one there.. Preds found themselves with a brief 3 on 1.. but couldn't make anything out of it.. Preds of old would burn us on those chances..

I've really been impressed with Novotny the past few games... just wanted to put that out there... now back to the game..

Here we go... 20 minute game now.


Need the same kind of effort in the third...and with the way the refs are calling this game this thing could very well be decided on a PP.. so Jackets need to stay out of the box.

Jackets get two PP goals of all things in that period... nothing fancy but they all count. They are now outshooting the Preds 22 to 19.


Preds clock timers let a few seconds roll off... they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar though..

Great backcheck there by Chimera.. using his speed to help out the D.. little plays like that add up to winning..

OHHHH....that baby just trickled in... like slow mo.. just after I got done ripping our d-men they score..... should rip them more often I guess.. ha..

Once again Hainsey gets another damn shot blocked ona 5 on 3.. the ineptness on our backend kills our PP...

Another golden opportunity for the Jackets... a 5 on 3 for a minute... could be the game right here... hence why Hitch called a TO...

Boll draws a penalty... this time no dive call on Boll.. seriously, that was maybe the worst call I have seen all season... what in the hell was that ref thinkin calling him for a dive... joke.

Tide had turned after that Preds goal in their favor... Jackets did get a good shot from Klesla there in the slot...

What's wrong Tootoo.. scard Foote is gonna make you a permanent edition of the boards... dude totally pussed out when he saw Foote comin..

Heh.. Rimer said "tinkeled pink"... Doug MacLean would be proud..

First sustained pressure the Preds had all period and they score off a tip... I just felt that one coming... shot beat Norrena 5 hole.. not a good goal to give up... that one hurts.

Another great chance.. Beech had a step but the follow up by Fritsche was the best chance... like seeing these boys go to the net and get after those dirty rebound goals.. like that say... they don't ask how you scored just how many..

Man.. great chance there for Z.. Russell jumping up in the play making a smart decision... much better period thus far..

Boll getting some PP time.. man I love this guys' motor.. working just as hard out there with the man advantage.... and he draws a penalty... and he gives Boll and diving penalty.. are you friggan kidding me? Guys like Boll DO NOT DIVE STRIPES!.... terrible horrendous call...

Camera man drunk again... Jackets draw another penalty... back on the PP... came real close putting up goal 2 there on that last shift...

ITS A GOAL!!! Yehaaaw...not lets get another boys...good energy thus far early in the second.. and its a PP goal of all things..

Jackets could certainly use this break... *crosses fingers...and toes*

Beech scores but under review for possible kicking motion. I've seen that exact same play count...of course it was the Red Wings who got the favorable call... who knows with these refs or what the "experts" in the Toronto war room feel like tonight...


Jackets outshot 13 to 7 off the strength of 6 PP for the Preds.


Jackets kill off double minor... they are damn lucky to be down only one... after such a good game yesterday in the penalty department this team just fell apart in the first... thankfully Nashville has a pretty terrible PP..

Jackets back on the PK again... dumb penalty by Chimera... in fact its for 4 minutes.. .this is rediculous..

Jackets PP fails them again... they can't convert with the 5 on 3 advantage..

Friggan Hainsey.. got to get that shot through...cannot get shots blocked when only 3 defenders..
Jackets finally draw a penalty... Z with some nice work single handidly killin the remaining time on the Preds PP... Lets see if the Jackets PP can get anything going... OH Feds does something good.. Jackets now get a 5 on 3 for a 1:40+... got to match the Pred's goal..

Another friggan Jackets penalty.. 4th straight... Beech this time.. and the hole gets deeper..

CRAP!!! They score with only 7 seconds left... damn... dumb dump penalty by Shelley put the Jackets in that situation early...

Jackets catch huge break with Radulov missing the net... 40 seconds left in 5 on 3..

Oh great... Jackets down two men for two full minutes... this is how you lose games... Shelley with a dumb penalty there... we know the Jackets record when they don't score first... to bad we missed the penalty on Shelley...thx drunk cameraman..

I think the camera man in Nashville had one to many pre-game beers... dude can't keep up witht he play... nice shift by Chimera line..

Geeze...not sure what the coverage breakdown there was on Radulov... Preds really controlling this game early...

Jackets need this first goal here...back on their heels early in this one..

Norrena HUGE save early...Jacket kill penalty...

Hope Foote's hand is okay...he hit that helmet quite a bit... would like to see Boll go after Tootoo again later in this game..

That-a-boy Footer...gave Tootoo the business... egg-zactly the example the captain needs to set. Jackets need to kill this penalty.



Pub said...

I hate Nashville. I hate NHL refs.

motopuck said...

GOD DAMN IT!!!!! Your blog is right up where I feel right now...fuckin' refs. I hate Nashville too. And now I hate Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill too! >:(

Shaggy said...

So very frustrating to see this team go up so late in the game only to give it up. Couldn't even hold on for the OTL.

On the bright side, we've seemingly solved the power play.