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Monday, December 10, 2007

Live bloggin

Jackets let another win slip away from them. If they can't win this game after having 9 PP opportunities then they don't deserve to win - simple as that. Ducks converted on their PP chances (scored 3 PP goals) we didn't.


..and of course.. Ducks score on PP chance..

Westcott...after playing such a good game....gets a penalty... 4 on 3 for the Ducks.. tons of open ice... Ducks call TO...

Here we go.....


Nice job by the Jackets coming back in the 3rd.

Jackets collect point. *thinks of shootout and shudders*


14 seconds left... yet another big facoff..

Peca had the game on his stick.. .shot it high...

Jackets tilting the ice in their favor here at the tail end of regulation... we don't want this thing to go to a shootout... need to close this game out..

Bertuzzi's, I haven't heard that guy's name all night... how the mighty have fallen.. just saw his stats.. 2g, 5a for 7 points.. ouch...

Nice shift by the Chimera-Peca-Fritsche line... .

Giguere with a big save on Z...who made another incredible play pouncing on a Chimera rebound.. this kid is in a zone and playing his best hockey by FAAAR as a pro... I always knew we should keep this kid ;)

Jackets look like they've lost their legs..

Jackets getting sloppy in own zone.. Leclaire with perhaps a game saver there on Mohen in the slot... playing well down the stretch.. Anaheim putting lots of pressure on our D causing a lot of turnovers..

Jackets kill it.. Hainsey with a horrible turnover.. yikes... Leclaire bails him out..

Jackets bette ron this kill.. 40 seconds left..

Both of these PPs were crappy coming into this game.. Anaheim's looks pretty damn good to me though.. I guess anytime you have a Pronger and Schniender workin the points your gonna be dangerous regarldess of rank..

Refs evening it up now.. Jackets with another penalty... Leclaire coming up big now... 5 on 3 for 6 seconds.. big face off needed here..

*exhales* Jackets finally clear

Ducks really controlling this PP... got a bad feeling.. *holds breath*

Both teams hesitant now.. nobody wants to make that mistake.. and there is a mistake.. Peca takes a penalty for a hit on Perry... grrr.. PK needs to step up big time here... they've been soft this game..

Jackets don't score there game is probably over... now they need to build on this momentum.. .crowd is getting into (queue game ops to play video to silence them...sorry pet peeve)...

Z scores! FINALLY!!! Got to give a lot of credit to Peca... as brutal as he's been this game he had 3 straight offensive zone wins.. which resulted in three different sets of chances for the Jackets..

Big face off here.. won by Peca.. but no scoring chance through first bit..'nother big faceoff.. Peca wins it again.. nothing agian.. missed nets.. this PP is friggan brutal... just doesn't have the personel on the points..

Great minds think alike.. Hitch with the TO..

Jackets have 2 man advantage for 56 seconds.. its now or never time.. I'd call TO if I'm Hitch..

Nash draws another one from Pronger... Jackets on 8th PP.... geezee... Jackets may want to decline these... now Foote on the point just to let you know how crappy things are going in this area..


Jackets really have only themselves to blame for this game at this point... 7 PPs... give up a shorthanded.. and give up two PP goals.. only place to look is in the mirror for this performance at this point.. Guess we'll see if this team has anything in the 3rd.. as a fan I feel deflated... hopefully for our sakes, the players don't feel the same.


Phalson scores on penalty shot.. Leclaire just is not good with penalty shots / shoot outs...

...and the Ducks have a penalty shot b/c Peca sucks on the PP... get him off there Hitch.. Z did what he had to do...

Jackets 7th time on the PP comin up... the Ducks remind me of the Jackets of last season with all these penalties they are taking.. .another chance for the Jackets... *still no holding breath*

Klelsa with a prime opportunity there in the slot.. would have liked to have seen the slapper there.. but he opted for the wrister.. .

Chimera draws a penalty... Jackets get another chance to do some damage on the PP... lets say I'm not holding my breathe. 6th PP here.... no excuses not to win this game with that many man advantages..

Son of a b***... this is second time in 3 games one of our damn PKers breaks their stick which results in a temp 5 on 3 and a goal and the team scores because of it... that's twice now this PK has given up PP goals...

Jackets with another penalty... Fritsche trying to create a screen and interferes w/ Giguere....

Getzlaf has been a beast for the Ducks.. wow..

Jackets have got to get the PP going... brutal.. Westoott is really the only guy getting pucks through from the point consistantly.. (yeah I know...Klesla scored from there earlier -- rare occassion for him)

Anaheim with another penalty... actually that wasn't a very good call on Pronger... he had a pretty clean hit there on Nasher I thought.. somehow they call that "hooking".....refs brutal both ways tonight..

Z and Beech respond to Getzlaf and Perry's tally... tuck one in on a great hard working dirty goal.. the kind I love... Z made that play happen.. how good has that guy been this year..

CRAP!! Perry off a sweet feed from Getzlaf... they call a pick on Foote...then Nash gets picked on the PK and nada... no way Getzlaf gets through that hole and makes that play if Nash wasn't picked.. Jackets need to respond..

Foote takes a bad one.. Anaheim goes on their 2nd PP of the night... *cringes*

Jackets 1 for 4 on the PP... get the feeling not getting that second goal is really gonna bit them on some fluke goal or somethin..

Peca sucks on the point.. wish we'd get him off there... he had all day to shoot and completely missed the net...he's had multiple other bad plays there tonight as well... Westcott on the other hand has looked fabulous..

Damn that hook could have snagged a whale... Jackets on the PP.. need to convert here and make this Ducks team pay for the penalties..

Ouch... Brule took a hard hit there by antoher former Jacket Beauchemin.. was a good hit...

Nash line with a good shift there...couple of quality chances..

No offense to FSN or Scott Niedermeyer..but who cares... why are we listening to them interview this guy during the game with a huge graphic on the tube... ..uggh..


A hard fought period there by both teams. Lots of good stuff there from the Jackets with the most important being that they scored first which is a huge for this team. Must keep up the intesity here in the second. Need a solid 60 tonight.


Good kill by the Jackets.. funny to see both Feds and Z killing a penalty at the same time... how far Z has come on this squad..

Somehow Boll got a double minor... Nighty gets two minutes for roughing... I guess you can't hit players anymore...and apparently its okay to jump a guy...

Someone just jumped on Boll...remember Boll can't fight... funny..that hit Boll made was on former CBJer Geoff Platt.. we are quickly seeing why the Ducks are the most penalized team in the league.. this is a gonna be a nasty one..

Tollefsen has been brutal this period...

Much better energy in this opening period for the Jackets.. apparently Hitch's message got least for now..

Apparently a good hit on Perry.. sent him into bench.. have to see replay... just saw hit... nice hit by Hejda...

Klesla scores off a play creating firmly from a hard hit by Rick Nash....really its shame Nash doesn't get an assist on that goal. Niedermeyer took retaliation penalty on that play thus the Jackets right back on the PP.


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