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Monday, December 24, 2007

Jackets FSN Ratings

Was just reading this breakdown of 19 of the 24 US teams in terms of ratings. Suprisingly the Jackets, when stacked up against the other US expansion teams have the 2nd best ratings behind the Wild coming in at 1.04%.

That number was better than Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Tampa, Anaheim, San Jose, Florida, LA, Washington, New Jersey, NY Islanders.

Teams that had a better number were St. Louis, Minnesota, Philly, Pittsburg, NY Rangers and Detroit.

Teams that were not listed were Boston, Nashville, Colorado, Buffalo and Carolina.

So of the 19 teams listed the Jackets come in with the 7th best local ratings and thats with the ratings actually being down 9.6% this year. Man, if only this team could have a winning year I bet this number would go through the roof.


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