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Monday, December 24, 2007

Jackets spoil another great performance by Norrena...lose 11th straight to Nashville

Frustration has set in in Jacketland. The coach and fans feel it the most... unfortunately, from the outside in, it only appears that a few of the players feel it. Guys like Norrena and know they are feeling know players like that are frustrated and are emotional....the rest of the gang...who in the hell knows anymore.

Lit it up
Freddy Norrena....again gave up only two goals but only got one goal in support. When your goalie is out challenging guys before your d can even get there...well, there's an issue there.
Coaching staff. Hitch and his assistant are coaching their asses off. They are leaving no stone unturned with this current group and what is apparent to them and everyone one is this team was just built fundamentally wrong from the ground up. You better believe Howson and Hitch know this better than anyone and the weeds will start being cleaned as soon as the new year. Don't get attached to anyone in this lineup Jacket fans b/c bottom line if you want to win - there needs to be some significant changes made to this roster.

Credit to the Preds. They were playing on the back end of a back to back against a team they had beat 10 straight times and they found a way to do it again. Mason played very well and Dumont was clutch with his shot in the final seconds of the game.

Dim the light
Kris Russell, Jiri Novotny, Jared Boll and Dan Fritsche -- all played decent games.

The Jackets played very well in the first but couldn't bury their chances.
They won 53% of their faceoffs and out hit the Preds 22 to 11.

That's about it in this department.

Busted bulbs
Defense and transition exposed. Hitch said it best in his post game conference. Its not a question of hard work at this point - especially when you can't make a simple transition pass or get your shots on net. Its a question of skill up and down this lineup -- especially on the back end. Our team D is good but they struggle with hitting any kind of passes quickly and accurately to generate offense.

PP continues to struggle.

Nash is pointless now in 7 straight.

PK gave up a goal.

Offense has scored a total of 4 goals in 4 games. Feds, Nash, Glencross, Vyborny, shows.

3 bright lights on the night
1. Freddy Norrena - allowed 2 or less goals now in his last 5 starts. He's only got 3 wins in that span due to no offensive support
2. Dan Fritsche - got the goal so I guess he gets a light by lack of other options
3. Chirstmas break - team needs two days off to regroup

This is a game the Jackets, if they could get anything out of their offense and transition game, should have had. The team defense was there, the goaltending was there.

As I stated above frustration has set in - especially amongst the coaching and fan base. Expect this team to be gutted as this season progresses and into the offseason. It won't all happen overnight but I can guarantee you at this point the management and coaching staff know the passengers and the drivers and they will not stand pat and "hope" the passengers learn to drive - that was old regime thinking.

Its certainly not the same ole Jackets. I think everyone's expectations have risen for this team as this season has moved along. This team has played better than any we've seen in Nationwide but that isn't good enough any longer...not good enough for Hitch..not good enough for the Howson...not good enough for the fans....and the players will learn...probably most the hard way...that it will not be good enough for them either.

I do believe this team hit rock bottom last season and we are slowly moving the right direction....there was always going to be road bumps along the way and that is what we are experiencing right now. Hitch and Howson will get us all that winner we have been wanting for X-mas since 2000 -- we just have to be patient a little bit longer as they clean up MacLean's mess and build this thing the right way.

Next up the Altanta Thrasers December 26th.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.


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