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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jackets outshoot but not outplay streaking Flames

The Columbus Blue Jackets may have outshot the Calgary Flames last night but they certainly didn't outplay them thus resulting in a 3-1 loss.

Its not that the Jackets didn't play hard, most guys were battleing -- Hitch singled out the Fritsche-Manny-Chimera line for just that -- but they couldn't really create any sustained attack and couldn't beat Mikka Kiprusoff. That and once again, their powerplay failed them- more on that later.

Lit it up

The only two real bright spots for me on the night were the two rookies Jared Boll and Kris Russell.

Boll continues to do his job and do it well. Yes he took a penalty on a hit in the 3rd period but that was a hard working penalty where he was getting in on the forecheck and trying to make something happen. He also took one of the NHL's best players, Jarome Iginla off the ice for 5 minutes. I'd like to see this kid paired with Nash for a while so open up some room for him.

Kris Russell played by far his best game of the year as a young rookie. He played what had to be a season high over 19 minutes and even though he made some mistakes he really looked more confident out there. He basically created the lone goal for the Jackets when he used his speed, vision and passing ability on his play to Glencross for the goal. Look out for this kid in the 2nd half.

Flames. Did everything they should to win a road game. Their big guns scored when needed, their goalie made big saves when needed and their defense shut down the Jackets.

Game looked damn good in HD last night on FSN....well except for the score graphic.

Dim the light

Well the Jackets did score a goal. Curtis Glencross's 6th of the year.

Most of the team competed. The team is in games but we are definitely seeing that "thin line" towards winning that Hitch preaches about. The lack of skill in this lineup is really starting to show.

Busted Bulbs

Where to begin..

Lets start with the biggest dissapointment of the night...once again the powerplay. 0-6 on the night...just one score here and the Jackets could take at least a point out of this contest. Becoming obvious that its not the coaching, the scheme but just a lack of talent to execute an effective powerplay.

Timely goals. Novotny misses a breakaway. Klelsa misses a perfect opportunity in the slot. Nash misses a wrap around and 1/2 breakaway. Goals that we were getting in October we aren't getting now.

Penalties. We could have turned this game off after the 5 on 3 early in the first. This team cannot some back from being down a goal - in fact they are 2-12-2 when they don't score first. Those penalties absolutely killed us.

Officiating. I just don't get it anymore. Completely arbitrary calls. I can only imagine how frustrated the players on both sides get. There is absolutely no consistancy.

Crowd. Only 13k in the house for this one.

December. 3-3-2 after what was supposed to be a make it or break it month for the Jackets.

Injuries. Manny goes down at the end of the 3rd. Looks to be out a few weeks. This team can't afford this many injuries and its showing.

Offense is a no show. Probably Z's worst game of the year. Fedorov is a 6 million dollar bomb that we can't unload fast enough. Westcott was terrible. Nash can't score in make that 5 straight now.

3 bight lights on the night

1. Kris Russell - best game by far as a pro, really starting to play confident out there
2. Jared Boll - you notice him when he's on the ice, every shift - not enough Jackets are the same
3. Energy - most of the team at least came to play tonight....still had some passengers though

As Hitch said in his post game presser "we are what we are right now" and that they are trying to "keep this thing afloat" until some regulars get back. Now with Manny out for an extended period that challenge grows bigger.

Boys are back at it Friday night against the LA Kings. I team that is the worst in the Western Conference. In fact they have the worst record in the entire NHL. Unfortunately we know how this team reacts when playing a team below them in the standings. Lets see if they can reverse that trend.

I suspect Hainsey will be back in the lineup Friday while Westcott sits. Today is the roster freeze until Dec 27th so if Howson was looking to shake things up that won't happen until next Thursday at the earliest.


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