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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Live bloggin

Sleep soundly tonight Jacket fans.... we are 12-10-4... big win. Now the Jackets need to show up against Dallas at home on Monday.

Just a HUGE two points... Jackets needed to salvage something from this road trip and they did... I really didn't think we stood a chance coming into this one!

It wasn't wasn't Z... it wasn't Feds or Hainsey... it was a line combo of Curtis GlenX (a rookie), Kris Russell (a rookie), OK Tollefsen (who has taken a beating tonight) and Kris Beech (who wasn't even supposed to play if it weren't for Manny's injury) who come through for the win tonight.... nice to see a group like this contribute for the big win...

Russell picks up an assist....Beech with a great feed in front of the net.... GlenX goes to the net with the finish...



Gawd.. what is up with these horrible turnovers by the Jackets...

Bad turnover by Hejda... Norrena comes up big...again


Lets get this win for Norrena boys... he's held us in this one...

Jackets salvage at least a point on this road tip. Will go for the second point here in OT.


*takes breath*

Jackets find a wa y to kill it off.. 1 minute left... *holds breathe*

What a great play by Hejda on the PK... clutch. Dan Fritsche playing a great game and has been a key PKer as well..

How many penalties is this crowd gonna call... the refs wait 4 or 5 seconds after the play happens to make these calls... got a bad feelin about this PP chance for the Flames...

Seriously... does Feds need glasses... he couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat tonight..

Nolan with a stupid elbowing penalty against Tollefsen... OKT definitely took one for the team there... Jackets get a late PP for his efforts... need to capitalize here boys!!

C'mon FEDS!! Brule with a nice steal and dish to Feds who was in home free... he missed the damn ned.. Brule playing his best game this season by far tonight... Jackest have to bury chances like that...

Oh man... prime time chance there for Peca... would have been nice to get that one..

Just announced that Iginla has the Gordie Howe hat trick... he is playing a really strong game... fun player to watch when he's got his motor running like tonight.

This Nash line is getting owned by Iginlas this entire game.. need a good shift out of 61's line next time they are out..

Lucky Hainsey was there for that Klesla fan... boys getting real sloppy... I promise..this next goal will win the game ;)

OHHHHH to put that one home... 6 million dollar man chokes again.

Jackets getting nothing going on this PP... just as I say this... the Jackets catch a break and get a goal off Kris Beech pass that redirected off a Flame... I guess things do even out.. Remember the Adam Foote deflection that resulted in a Canuck goal... CRAP - Flames just score... I guess they don't even out... you've got to be kidding me... Foote's foot strikes again... TERRIBLE goal.. that's what happens when you wn win a faceoff and your defensemen doesn't flub it and gets a shot on goal (ahem - HAINSEY!)...

Jackets win faceoff in Calgary zone... Hainsey doesn't keep it in... teams like Detroit keep those in every time and get a scoring chance out of it...

There ya go Z.....sweet moves.. draws a penalty...and still gets of a nice pass to bad Peca couldn't get that one through..

Great save there by Norrena on a streaking Huselius...very underrated save... he's doing what he should.. Jackets barely surviving this penalty..

Just announced that Vyborny will not return.....he got cross checked behind the Flames net... of course no call on *that* one.. should have put a Flames jersey on him and it might have been a major..


No question Calgary won that period....a fight by Iginla and a bad penalty call on Nash completely turned the momemtum of this game. Jackets need to regroup, kill off the rest of the penalty and get back to what made them successfull in the first. Its a 20 minute game now.


...another penalty by the Jackets.. 4th penalty of the game against for the Jackets.. they've had only 1 PP at this point.. whomever gets this next goal win the game IMO.

Jackets gettin outworked all over the ice this period...

Shit... goal counts... so much for keeping Iginla off the scoreboard.. turning point in this game could be that Iginla fight..

Uggh.. Flames may have scored.. looked like net was off... going to review.. I think the Jackets caught a break here.. net looked off... we'll see.... actually that may count..

Jackets caught with a real long shift there... that Iginla fight has completely turned the momentum of this game... Jackets need to grab it back...draw a penalty or score a goal soon would help do that..

Flames score... Jackets 2 Refs 1

Nice saves there Freddy...

Good pressure there by the Jackets... Nash payin a price... looks like somehow he gets the penalty...what the hell? Jackets playing w/ fire takin all these penalties.... that was a friggan rediculous call on Nash..

Oooh...Iginla and Tollefsen goin... got to give the nod to Iginla there...a little surprise OKT got owned like he did...but bright side, he just took the Flames best player off the ice for 5 min.. not making excuses for Tolley but I'm pretty sure his hand is hurt from a previous fitht..

What a chance Chimera had there....Vyborny with a penalty..but one of those hard working checking penalties... at least Vybes is playing more physical lately... Phaneuf caught Nash with a pretty good hit as well earlier..

Nice shot there by Rusty... Kipper matched it with a nice save..

Lets see what kind of energy the Jackets come out with here at the start of the 2nd..


Great period by the Jackets....came out with fabulous energy..sustained the early on they have to continue it b/c you know what they say...a two goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey.


Boll starting in w/ Phaneuf... love that kid...

Glencross with a goal in the final minute of the period... HUGE goal! Nice play by Fedorov... (although he hits about as hard as my pillow)... Feds and Brule with assists.. I should criticize Fedorov more if he'll make more plays like htat..

What a hit there by Beech on Phaneuf... if you have a DVR rewind it and look at Foote's face on the bench as he's mocking Phaneuf... hilarious..

I should say the team has energy outside of Fedorov... we can't get rid of this guy quick enough..

PK hung in there... got to watch those bombs from the point.. Calgary's d-men can flat out bring it..

Jackets have some good energy they need to channel that into some goals..

We are seeing the importance of face off wins early... the Z goal was a direct result of Peca's face off win.. Then the Iginla line just had their was w/ the Nash line off a clean face off win for them in the Jackets zone..

Phaneuf head hunting... Z just saw him....whew..that was close... keep your head up boys... would love to see Boll have a go with Phaneuf tonight..

Jackets on PP. Not much goin here per usual. Brule and Russell gettings tons of ice time early.

Jackets weathered the storm there and Nik Zherdev off a sweet face off win by Peca and tip pass from Nash beat a struggling Kiprusoff from the face off cicle. Keep firing the biscuit boys. I could feel the steam from Mike Keenan from here.

Totally forgot to mention in my pre-game thoughts post that this game was on HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) -- this is huge for Canadian born players -- equivalent to Monday Night Football down here in the states. Guys like Nash / Russell / Brule / Peca / Chimera / Malhotra will be jacked for this.


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CBJ said...

Is the hit from Beech on Phaneuf online anywhere? They mentioned it was on highlights in Canada but I didn't see anything on TSN.