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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Live bloggin

*grabs oxygen*


WHAT A F****G WIN BOYS!! I didn't think they had it in em... Jackets had 17 shots that period.. I need to re-wind my DVR and watch that baby again..... damn that was sweet! Way to go boys - LTL definitely salutes that win!

What do you know.. another bad call... he touched that...

Hitch with the TO... I love the way this guy controls a game behind the bench.. .HITCH FOR PRESIDENT (who cares if he's Canadian!)!

How well has Z played defensively tonight? He's been incredible defensively...

FRITSCHE SCORES!??! What a game... (to bad my feed went out again)... *bangs head on key board for not going to game*

Boys have to keep the energy up and take it to them... don't get defensive... shit... they just scored... SON OF A.....!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!?!? Oh man.. why did I stay home... Z with a toe drag and block side score... oh hell yeah!!! Nice pass by Glencross as well...

OHHHHH..... Nash with a beautiful feed to Brule in the slot... I thought it was money... nice save by Budjai... Nash has got his swagger back tonight..

Some unreal saves there by Norrena... was our best PKer.. penalty killed.. need to use this momentum...

Nice save there Norrena... lets not forget the goaltender pull that sparked this team and that Norrena is cold... there ya go Foote.. clear those SOBs.. .

Just saw the replay... in the hell is that a penalty? They both fell chasing a lose puck... *sits here baffeled*

Are friggan serious... how in the hell is that a penalty on Feds... just put a friggan Avs sweater on these refs and get it over with... damn..

How good has Beech been in this game... as they'd say in Top Gun... Hitch, keep sending him up!

LINDSTROM BABY!!!!! YEEEEEOOOWW!!! There's some secondary scoring baby!!!

Goldend opp to tie this game right now... Jackets on the PP after Chimera took a nasty elbow to the head... oh great.. just lost TV feed... that's alright.. just score again boys!


Beech really the only standout tonight to me thus far tonight.. made some really nice passes and playing physical..

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets the feeling the Jackets just aren't gonna score again this period... and there was a great chance...and its blocked by Skrastins..... of course their blocks don't pop over to one of our players for an easy dunk in... not in this game...

The Jackets need to start clearing the crease if the refs are gonna do somethin...

Bad turnover by Russell there...pressing doesn't even being to describe it.

Norrena in. Leclaire pulled. Wouldn't be surprised to see Leclaire come back in. I'm sure he was fired up. That non-call on Smyth was crap.


Jackets being outshot now 24 - 11. We had only 5 shots on net that period to the Avs 14. Obviuosly not gonna win with those kinds of numbers.

Period couldn't have gone much worse for the Jackets. Can they respond...with this offense and powerplay? Guess we'll see buy color me doubtful.


There's another goal... wheels falling off.. Ryan Smyth has his legged draped all over Leclaire... Fritsche just got called for the same thing earlier...

Its a goal... Pascal can't win these games by himself.. guys have got to get him some goal support..

That's gonna be a goal..shit.

That was damn close...remember the entire puck must cross the line...that will be reviewed for sure..

All its gonna take is a bad turnover like that one by Tolly to lose this game... the Jackets just don't have enough offensive firepower to afford those kinds of brain farts.. luckily Leclaire was there... like he was again right there...

Just now occured to me the boys are wearing their white digs at those unis!

Feds with a nice play there on the PK.. quietly making up for a bad 1st period.

Jackets come up empty...again....on PP... actually the 2nd PP unit made up of Lindstrom-Beech-Russell and a couple of other made much more happen than the 1st PP unit... Jacket just take another penalty.. Fritsche for goaltender interference..

Feds draws a good penalty there....lets see if we can actually take advantage of it.. c'mon PP!

Nice give and go by Feds and Glencross... Hitch took Brule off that line and put Boll on it... good move.

Avs score. Fritsche broke his damn stick and then the Jackets block a shot and it lands right to Wolski....crap. Avs basically had a 5 on 3.

..and less than a minute into the Jackets start the period in the box. Hard to believe the Avs PP is worse than ours with all that firepower.


Jackets getting outshot 10-6. The need to do better than that and more importantly the Brule-Feds-GlenX line needs to stop making bad turnovers that result in getting hemmed in their own zone -- that line was brutal that period. I don't think Feds handeled a puck cleanly all period.


So just getting caught up here. Couple of thoughts. Nash with a nice goal off a feed from Beech. The Brule-Feds-Glencross line has been getting owned the first period by the Avalanche - they have been our weekest line thus far and pretty much all Colorado's chances have come against this line. Leclaire looks solid. Boll with another fight.

**18 Mins into FIRST PERIOD**

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